9 Breathtaking Agile Statistics That Actually Empower Teams
2 years ago

9 Agile Statistics That Actually Empower Teams

If you’ve spent any time reading about project management lately, it can feel like everyone is talking about integrating Agile workflows across their enterprise.

If you’re wondering whether it is something that would work for your team, you certainly aren’t alone.

Agile statistics gathered from a variety of studies show project managers and company representatives report a consistent increase in Agile adoption over the last few years. We know that if everyone's doing it, you should at least be curious.

Maybe more significantly, those that haven’t integrated Agile into their workflow yet appear to be thinking hard about heading in that direction.

Top Agile Statistics You Should Know for 2018

Of all these studies, none are older than three years old, all come from verified, peer-reviewed sources, and they all have to do with Agile statistics--not just everyday project management statistics.

Curious yet?

Here are what the numbers--and the science--have to say.

1. 46% of surveyed organizations use or have used an Agile or hybrid Agile approach over the last 12 months. (Pulse of the Profession 2018, Project Management Institute, 2018)

Almost a quarter (23%) also estimated a hybrid approach. Predictive approaches--or Waterfall-like methods--are still the most popular form of project management, making up almost half of all projects (47%).

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Source: Project Management Institute

2. 76% of users choosing an enterprise Agile planning tool do so to increase their projects' visibility. (Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools, Gartner, 2018)

3. 80% of federal IT projects were self-described as “Agile” or “iterative” in 2017. (Agile by the Numbers, Deloitte Insights, 2017)

While the federal government urges the use of Agile techniques in its Digital Services Playbook, project owners are self-reporting their techniques so it isn’t possible to know exactly how Agile is being integrated, or what combination of waterfall and Agile is being utilized. Still, this is a big leap from 2011 when fewer than 10% of federal IT projects were described as “Agile” or “iterative."

4. 85.9% of 101,592 international surveyed software developers use Agile in their work. (Developer Survey Results, Stack Overflow, 2018)

5. Over a third (37%) of surveyed marketers report using some form of Agile to manage their work. (State of Agile Marketing 2018, Agile Sherpas 2018)

Agile popularity is growing too, with 61% of traditional marketing teams reporting plans to start building Agile into their workflow within the next year.

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Source: Agile Sherpas

6. Forbes interviewed more than 500 senior executives from around the world in July 2017. 92% said they believe organizational agility is critical to business success. (Achieving Greater Agility, Forbes Insights, 2017)

There were a few more takeaways from this study worth mentioning:

  • 82% of respondents believe that the ability to incorporate Agile approaches is important to implementing strategic initiatives.
  • An incredible 84% “agree" that "organizational agility" is essential to achieve digital transformation.
  • Almost a third (27%) "consider themselves highly Agile."

7. 16% of 601 development and IT professionals describe their company as pure Agile. 51% are leaning toward Agile. (Agile is the New Normal, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 2017)

Waterfall methods sank, making up only 2% of the respondents' companies.

8. The biggest roadblocks to implementing Agile are too many projects per team member, lack of company vision, & unclear project scope. (Critical Success Factors for Agile Project Management in Non-Software Related Product Development Teams, Western Michigan University, 2017)

Specifically, 20% of respondents described having team members on other projects as "extremely challenging," 29.4% said it was "very challenging," and only 5.3% said, "it was not a challenge at all."

9. Nearly 1 in 4 of the highest performing companies surveyed by PMI completed projects with Agile or a hybrid approach. (Pulse of the Profession 2018, Project Management Institute, 2018)

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Source: Project Management Institute

We Demand More Agile Statistics For 2018!

It doesn’t look like anyone is going to stop talking about Agile any time soon.

Do these numbers reflect the way your team is thinking about Agile and how you see it being adopted out in the world? Are you leaning toward Agile, or fully invested in it already?

Let us know in the comments, click to share a tweet, and let us know if there's any cool emerging research we should know about!

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