Targetprocess Certified as Seriously Easy to Use Project Management Software
3 years ago

Targetprocess Certified as Seriously Easy to Use Project Management Software

Targetprocess is a visually stunning, easy to use project management software that encourages communication, eliminates complexity, and emboldens customizability all within an intuitive interface. Our customers regularly give us crazy-good reviews around our usability, and Capterra, a B2B software review aggregation site, has awarded us as one of the Top 20 Most User-Friendly Project Management Software options on the market.

In other words, compared to the other 713 project management tools on Capterra’s directory, Targetprocess is in the top 2% of easy to use project management software. And that’s according to verified independent user reviews from real people who actually use our tool.

If you look closely at our customer reviews on Capterra, G2Crowd, and Finances Online, you’ll find that simplicity is a regular theme among our users. But Capterra’s evaluation doesn’t just include online reviews—they use independent software testers to verify 80% of the overall usability score, leaving the rest to aggregated testimonials. According to Capterra’s independent research, Targetprocess is more intuitive than any other major Agile project management tool. Tools that are similar to ours (we’re looking at you, Jira, AgileCraft, and VersionOne) didn’t even make the list.

Easy to Use Project Management Software According to Reviews

We’re particularly proud of the actual user reviews featured on Capterra’s site (which is an aggregate of Targetprocess reviews on SoftwareAdvice and GetApp as well).

Targetprocess reviews at Capterra

We scored 100% on Capterra’s evaluation of our customer service, which Targetprocess users also applauded in their 350+ testimonials on the site. Part of the reason why we scored so well is because of our comprehensive customer service resources.

✓ We’ve got Live Chat
✓ We've got tutorial videos
✓ We've got a user guide that literally answers thousands of questions
✓ We've got direct email support
✓ We've got an iOS and Android app

And we've got all the integrations you could ever want. That's really no exaggeration--we have over 50 integrations along with Tasktop, an integration system built specifically for project management products (especially those related to DevOps).

A Customizable Yet Straightforward Project Visualization Tool

As Capterra looked through project management tools with outstanding user-friendly features, they also paid attention to the distribution of reviews. We totally get that it's almost impossible to compare a tool with one review against our fantastically vocal user base, so Capterra created an algorithm that specifically put pressure on how different project management tools fared in customer service and ease of use.

Naturally, we killed it.

And by "killed it," we mean "blew out our competition."

According to Capterra's data, Targetprocess outscored some of the biggest names in project management, including Asana, Wrike, and Mavenlink. That's a big deal for us--we've looked up to these brands so long that it's encouraging to see that project management users prefer our take on visual simplicity.

Unfortunately, the data doesn't specify how far ahead or behind the rest of the products we are outside of a few brands who definitively outscored us, all of which are not specific to Agile and largely function as task management tools: Freedcamp,, Yalla, and InLoox PM. Nevertheless, these platforms deserve praise.

On to the next round of evaluations for the best easy to use project management software?

They continue to set the highest standard of customer engagement, and we will continue striving to meet their level of customer enthusiasm.

The Best Free Project Management Software According to Reviews?

Going beyond the most user-friendly report, we were recently featured in Capterra in another way.

We're really proud of our free project management software option--it's generous enough to run the projects of a small team, and it doesn't skimp on any of our features.

Every year, the site rounds up a list of The Top Free and Open Source Project Management Software. The authors write that "It’s more difficult to make our list as a top free project management tool than it is to gain acceptance into Harvard." We believe it.

That's why we were delighted when we were selected as the top free project management tool "for Agile teams." The Capterra team writes,

Targetprocess is a specialized project management tool that lends itself well to Agile project management frameworks such as Kanban boards and Scrum. The tool offers functionalities such as custom workflows, team capacity planning, time tracking, and issue management. Targetprocess is an ideal tool for software development teams that need customized workflows for planning sprints, estimating user stories, and product backlog grooming. The tool also offers excellent reporting and tracking capabilities, and at a glance, you can view dashboard summaries of project progress, time spent by project members on tasks, and even granular reports such as bug trends per feature release.

Heavens to Betsy, we're still blushing!

Capterra isn't the only place that's taken a close look at our easy to use project management software and decided it's one of the best. Even G2Crowd, in their epic roundup of free project management tools, praised Targetprocess as an intuitive top Agile program:

With Targetprocess, project managers and team members can see the “big picture” via the solution’s distraction-free overview and scalable hierarchy. Targetprocess specifically doesn’t utilize Gantt charts to display progress of projects. The solution encourages agile workflow processes, transparency through social media-esque notifications, and the identification of problems and management of risks.

(You can also find us listed as one of the best free project management software on sites like Tools of Excellence, Daxx, and Everhour, all of which mention that we're an easy to use project management software, particularly for Agile teams.)

Would it be a jump to say that Targetprocess is the best free easy to use project management software? We know our bias, which is why we listen so closely to yours.

Targetprocess is Easy to Use Because We Put Our Customers First

We're proud of how professional project management software evaluators and real user reviewers have evaluated our simple visual project management program. In the spirit of Capterra's Top 20 Most User-Friendly Project Management Report, we created a graphic celebrating some of our favorite Targetprocess reviews across multiple domains.

Our users advocate for us everywhere.

"As a Product Owner, I use Targetprocess every single day, from the very beginning of a project when I prepare the roadmap to the last release of the software. And everyone in the team uses it as well, allowing me to know in real-time which user story has been started or which bug has been fixed... Try it and I am sure you'll adopt it!"

Targetprocess Image

"Targetprocess has the best support line that I have ever worked with. They are very responsive and always willing to help thanks to LiveChat built-in app that is provided. Also each customer [gets] a dedicated Product Specialist to whom you may address more complex issues which require special attention."

Targetprocess Image

"Targetprocess (TP) makes it very easy to manage a wide range of projects in the app. This ease of use is not accidental, rather the people behind TP listen carefully to their customers and iterate on the feedback. As a result, you have the application, which allows you to define your custom project structure, create a one-off or permanent dashboard, and switch between different ways of looking at the same data."

Targetprocess Image

"We have a small company and the free license has been enough for more than one year, so far we haven't paid for anything! We are certain that we want to keep this tool working in our company so we will be glad to move from the free to the paid plan when the time comes."

Targetprocess Image

"When I started using Targetprocess I didn't pay much attention to its slogan: "Visualize everything." But that is really its strength... These features in Targetprocess are in my opinion unbeatable and I have evaluated many, many tools before I finally found this piece of gold."

Targetprocess Image

All of these are 100% verified Targetprocess reviews from real users

Targetprocess and Ease of Use

We're not a perfect tool and we're not a perfect company. We've made some major changes over the past few months and have massively appreciated the positive feedback we've been getting from all these sources. It's humbling. It's energizing. It's an awesome reminder of why we do what we do: create easy-to-use visual software so that teams can focus on knowledge work instead of tiring technical tickets.

Want to contribute? Consider leaving a review for Targetprocess, sharing this article, and leaving a comment. We're thrilled to be included in Capterra's report, and we look forward to our inclusion again (hopefully!) next year.

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