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3 weeks ago

2018 Customer Summit Recap: End-to-End Business Agility

Energized, inspired, and motivated. These were the words used by attendees of Targetprocess’ first-ever customer conference. 40 companies were represented as Targetprocess customers, partners, and work management experts gathered in Berlin, Germany on May 16 - 18, 2018.

This unique event was “Powered by You”, and shared what our customers wanted to see most:

  • Discussions on the future of Agile portfolio management
  • Work management best practices
  • Hands-on product tutorials and workshops
  • One-on-one time with peers and Targetprocess team members

It was jam-packed with learning and inspiration, from thought-provoking messages on the future of work management to tactical, hands-on training for customization and reporting in Targetprocess.

TargetConf2018 attendees

Keeping Up With Agile

In recent years, the need to shift from team level visibility to portfolio transparency has risen across organizations. Companies of all sizes are demanding clear reporting that rolls up to business level epics with clear views into cost, timing, and results.

Michael Dubakov, co-founder of Targetprocess, shared that project and program managers, devops, and heads of IT are more sophisticated in terms of knowledge, abilities, and expectations. Companies are outgrowing their team level tools and stacking them on top of one another to support change and growth. They need a holistic solution. Michael shared his vision for a comprehensive work management platform. It enables end-to-end business agility including support of variability and change, enables integrations and builds in the ability to scale. You can view his presentation here.

Michael's presentation slide

Inspiring IT and Non-IT Teams Alike

It’s no surprise that Agile practices and methods have spread through organizations, resulting in many non-IT use cases. These examples were some of the most well-received at the conference.

For example, Agora Roermond and the Fieldlabs Qeske team in the Netherlands have changed the way students learn by bringing Agile practices and tools into non-traditional schools. Guido van Dijk (education researcher) and his team developed an innovative way for students to control their own curriculum and be autonomous learners. Students use Targetprocess and Agile methods to visualize their learning.  

While the current focus on technical and IT use cases is certainly not going anywhere, these non-IT uses demonstrate that end-to-end business agility is quickly taking hold. It’s clear that marketing, operations, and other departments can transform their practices to deliver more business value and increase customer happiness.

Guido's presentation

Connecting with Like-Minded People

The importance of bringing people together was not lost on our team or conference attendees.

“We, both our team and customers have a lot of successes and challenges to share with each other. Organizing face-to-face experiences and virtual get-togethers on a regular basis helps us brainstorm and better guide our collective organizations.” - Kate Makarevich, Product Specialist at Targetprocess

“I am so excited to learn from everyone at the conference. Making connections with peers who are ‘in my shoes’ at their own organizations gives me confidence that I have the ability to continue to drive change. And, it’s easy to justify attending when I can knock out technical questions with a Targetprocess expert in person.” - Conference Attendee

Nothing beats face-to-face interactions

Nothing beats face-to-face interactions


Wrap Up

You can see more conference activities captured in our photo album on Facebook. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about the event, and don't forget to subscribe to our blog for more details on Agile, work management practices, and our future planned events!

2 months ago

TargetConf2018 Guest Speaker: Alankar Trivedi

The first ever Targetprocess International Customers Summit is just a few weeks away. Remember, you can always find our full speaker list, schedule, hotel recommendations, and other important details at our event page.

See you in Berlin!

Alankar Trivedi, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Development Service Manager
Company: Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Session Title: Expanding the borders of Targetprocess: Non-IT setups for any team

Alankar will be presenting a few unique use cases for using Targetprocess for non-IT purposes. These processes and setups could prove useful for any organizations or teams looking to unify information on meetings, collective efforts, or customer support. You can expect to see:

  • Processes for recording and updating meeting minutes
  • A setup for sprint retrospectives
  • Business cases for desktop support


Alankar spent 4 years as Head of Development at Comensura, where he was responsible for all development teams and technology-related processes and workflows. Comensura has been using Targetprocess for nearly a decade (for both IT and non-IT purposes) to help manage the supply of people in large organizations across public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Five months ago, he assumed his new position of Development Service Manager at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers—one of the fastest growing professional engineering organizations in the world.

2 months ago

TargetConf2018 Guest Speaker: Bruno Lefever

The first ever Targetprocess International Customers Summit is fast approaching. We hope you can join us in Berlin on May 16-18 to share your story, learn from other users, and speak with us in person.

In addition to the workshops and presentations from our own team, we'll also be hosting a number of guest speakers who will present their unique business cases and experiences with Targetprocess. We'll share the full details on these talks as they come in, but you can always find our full speaker list, schedule, hotel recommendations, and other details at our event page.

See you in Berlin!

Bruno Lefever, AE


Enterprise Transformation Coach
Company: AE
Session Title: Evolution to a network organization with empowered teams using TP3

A few years ago, the CEO of AE, Bruno Denys, was inspired by Niels Pflaeging’s talk: 'Organize for Complexity'. Bruno Lefever's talk will reflect this inspiration, and share ways to trigger and motivate high performing people, in order to ultimately stimulate their entrepreneurship to achieve a higher grade of professional well-being.

Bruno will walk you through AE’s transformation journey of evolving from a traditional hierarchical organization to a network organisation. People and professional motivation are the driving forces in such a transformation. The session will illustrate this using real life examples on how Targetprocess was used to enable change. Get ready to learn about backlogs based on networked collaboration and short term value creation.


Inspired by methodological work, Bruno began his career in 1988 as an analyst-developer, and acquired the basic skills of model driven software engineering. He’s been convinced of this approach from the very beginning.

He continued his career as a consultant and worked on numerous consultancy assignments. These assignments had one common denominator: organizing work based on a structured methodology. He delivered successfully a broad range of assignments in various industries (insurance, telecom, banking, services, utility, etc.) on functional analysis, ICT architecture, strategic architectural work, business-ICT alignment, business improvement, and project/program management.

In 2004, Bruno acquired the PMI project management professional certificate (PMP). He joined AE in 2006 as a competence center manager, coordinating the various competence centers for business ICT alignment. Apart from this, Bruno kept an active consultancy role in various recent assignments: project management, enterprise architecture and strategic alignment.

Originally primarily active in IT departments, he extended his activities to the full breadth of an organization to serve business improvement needs by working on communication between business and technical departments.

The basis of nearly 30 years experience in the consultancy business (business and ICT side) gives Bruno a wide ‘chameleon’ capability, allowing him to suggest and apply corrective actions for strategic projects.

He has an in depth understanding in the following domains and has put these into practice in recent missions:

• Change management • Business improvement • Quality management • Methodology based solutions and approaches • Service-centric systems engineering • Component based analysis and architectures • Business – IT alignment • IT strategy • Agile teamwork • Project management, PMI implementations. • Rescue of complex projects in trouble • Applying agile at scale • Agile transformation of organizations

2 months ago

TargetConf2018 Guest Speaker: Jürgen Müller

The first ever Targetprocess International Customers Summit is fast approaching. We hope you can join us in Berlin on May 16-18 to share your story, learn from other users, and speak with us in person.

In addition to the workshops and presentations from our own team, we'll also be hosting a number of guest speakers who will present their unique business cases and experiences with Targetprocess. We'll share the full details on these talks as they come in, but you can always find our full speaker list, schedule, hotel recommendations, and other details at our event page.

See you in Berlin!

Jürgen Müller, Swiss Healthcare Performance Group

Jürgen Müller

 Founder and Managing Partner 
 Swiss Healthcare Performance Group
Session title: Digital Transformation in Healthcare  Inselspital Switzerland

Enacting digital transformation at healthcare institutions is a big challenge—not just for the IT department, but for the entire company. Both the health system as a whole and the health of each individual must benefit from the digitization of processes. In such a transformation, IT teams will generally need to:

  • capture customer requests
  • prioritize and visualize their status
  • order them to running projects and prioritize across projects, based on company strategy
  • ensure that everything can be planned based on available team resources
  • make use of different methods such as Scrum or PRINCE2 for the implementation of requests
  • control the entire process, from demand to delivery

Inselspital (the University Hospital of Bern) took on this challenge over a year ago, choosing Targetprocess to help back up their transformation. Jürgen Müller consulted with hospital management and helped the organization to undergo the necessary process and tool changes, ensuring that every step drove medical innovation and improved the resulting patient care.

Jürgen will tell the story of this transformation, and describe how every company can continuously improve the processes and tools that align, plan, and visualize work.


Jürgen Müller has over 20 years of experience in program, project, and portfolio management though his previous employment as CIO and (Interim)-Manager for several healthcare providers and university hospitals in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. He started his professional career as a management consultant with Accenture in 1996.

As a founder and acting partner of the Swiss Healthcare Performance Group, Jürgen is now responsible for coaching C-Level and management representatives through the development and implementation of new (IT) strategies, as well as portfolio, program, and innovation management.

Together with the largest university hospital in Switzerland, he developed a new approach for using Targetprocess as an agile portfolio and project management tool to guide customers through their journeys of digital transformation.