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We are going to release one of the top requested features in Targetprocess soon. This post provides brief description of the functionality and benefits.

In v.3.4 it will be possible to follow entities and receive email notifications about changes. For example, you may follow a Feature and receive notifications about its effort changes, new comments, new attachments, added/removed User Stories or their  states changes, etc.

To follow an entity, just click a button on entity view:

Follow Entity. Image 1

When you follow some entities, you will receive email notifications every 2 hours with all important updates in these entities. Here is an example that shows changes in several Features I follow:

Follow Entity. Image 2

Email subject changes every day, so all emails from a particular day will be combined in a single thread to make it easy check all updates for a single day.

Moreover, you can create a board that will include all followed entities, so it works like Favorites entities:

Follow Entity. Image 3

Follow feature will be available in v.3.4, but some people may see it earlier, we are running tests now on some servers.

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