Friday's Digest #12 [Design, Business, Kanban] | Targetprocess - Visual management software
  • In Defense of Eye Candy. Nice article. It discusses why aesthetics is important in a design: "when we talk about how emotions influence interactions, it’s closer to the truth to say things that are enjoyable will be easy to use and efficient." And another fantastic quote "how we 'think' cannot be separated from how we 'feel'".
  • Discovery-driven Growth: The Only Plan Is to Learn as You Go. Quite lengthy, but interesting interview about business development in a current economy. Discovery-driven growth is a way to go.
  • Kanban and Time-boxes. Does Kanban compatible with iterations and time-boxes?
  • Wanted/Needed: UX Design for Collaboration 2.0. Designing collaboration software has some specifics. Can we create a framework that help with it?