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6 months ago

How to add several charts and tables to the same report

Sometimes there is a need to explore the same recordset using different data slices or using different visualization techniques. We are happy to announce the possibility to add several charts or tables to one report. Let me show some cases of using multiple views.

CASE #1: Use multiview to explore subsets of data

It is handy to use several views for quick-filtering data. Please take a look at an example below. The primary tab shows the completion dynamics. I have added two additional tabs to explore the data over bugs and stories separately. Click on the labels “Only Bugs” and “Only Stories” below to view the content of tabs.

CASE #2: Use multiview to represent the same data using a different report type and different aggregations

There is a need to explore the same set of data aggregating data over different categories or using different visualization techniques. The example below related to GitHub stats of our apps repositories contains two tabs — a table view and a chart view. The table shows the total number of commits to GitHub by repositories. The chart in another tab shows the distribution of added code vs deleted code by authors. Click the “Chart View” label to explore a chart representation instead of a table.

How to add another tab or view to a report

  1. Create a chart (table) or create a report from the template or navigate to an existing report.
  2. Switch to the Edit mode.
  3. Click the “Add View” button which can be found in the top left corner above the description text box of the report area.

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Please let us know about any questions or comments.

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