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2 years ago

How to Pilot SAFe the Right Way [Free Guide]

A football team wins games when they know when, where, and how to position their players. That strategy doesn’t get created on gameday. It happens in all of the practices before the game, by carefully observing each player's strengths and making sure everyone understands the goal and the obstacles that must be overcome. A strategy is built from those observations, and a playbook for executing the plan is created. There is no team – in sports or in business – that succeeds without a strategy… and lots of practice.

If your team is struggling to create a strategy for managing projects across multiple divisions and teams in your growing organization, The Fast Track Guide to SAFe Implementation by enterprise Agile transformation leader John Blanco offers a helpful perspective and a way to start practicing for a full SAFe rollout. The ebook walks Agile leaders through implementing the methodology that helps teams optimize resources, improve collaboration, and see quality results faster. Using insight tools like Value Streams and SWOT analyses, you can implement SAFe successfully, and transform the way your team works together.

In the early days of project management, most companies were thrilled to have an organized strategy for planning and managing tasks, timelines, resources and budgets. But over time, it became clear that one strategy does not work for every situation, and the approach needed to evolve. Once Agile came on the scene, we saw a more realistic methodology, that recognized the unique challenges that organizations face.

Make no mistake, Agile has taken hold. According to Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey Results, 85.9% of 101,592 international surveyed software developers use Agile in their work. The methodology takes into account what teams deal with and makes sense of the multitude of moving parts. And with tools like Targetprocess, teams can visualize their user stories, customize those views, and collaborate with other teams to successfully deliver value at the end of each iteration.

But what if you have multiple projects, distributed teams and lots of moving parts to track? That is the reality for large organizations that are developing tools, software or solutions for many users or customers. Agile needs to reach beyond the team level -- to the portfolio, program and project levels.  The strategic direction of the organization needs to be clearly communicated across all IT and non-IT stakeholders. Budgets, resources and impediments need to be made visible. Teams still need to manage what they are doing, while understanding the work of other teams and keeping their eyes on the priorities of the enterprise and meeting the customer needs. Enter the Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe. This methodology helps organizations start thinking about how to implement Agile in a way that makes sense for the size, culture and goals of your unique structure and culture, offering benefits such as:

  • Delivering products to customers faster
  • Improving the quality of your products
  • Improving cross-team collaboration
  • Ensuring alignment of goals, objectives and priorities across the organization

These are some of the improved experiences that can result when SAFe is properly executed. And now there is a roadmap that teams can follow to help them successfully implement and work in a SAFe environment.

If your organization is ready to be SAFe, get the ebook today!

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