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10 years ago

Agile Mind Maps: BDD, Continuous Integration, Design

It seems people do like mind maps. Previous post about Scrum and Extreme programming mind maps was very popular. So I decided to continue the topic and gather more mind maps for agile practices.

Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

BDD is a step forward and an evolution of TDD. This BDD mind map nicely describe the whole thing.

BDD Mind Map

BDD Mind Map

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is one of the most important software development practices. It give instant feedback and perfect traceability.


Simple design is one of the principle of agile software development. This mind map represents some design smells in quite interesting format. Agile modeling with Mind Map and UML post describes how can use mind maps to create better software design.

Automated Testing

Mind map that shows one approach for automated testing using Fitnesse and Selenium.


Simple mind map about planning activities in agile development.

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