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Email integration in TargetProcess connects to POP Email account, retrieves emails and binds them to user stories (bugs, tasks, etc.), and creates comments or requests from emails.

New Email Integration. Image 1

Upcoming version 2.21.15 has new Email Integration. Previously, it was project-based. When you created a new project you were able to configure a POP email account for it. That was a serious limitation if you wanted to have one mailbox for several projects. For example, you have account and want to bind incoming emails to various projects or create requests in projects based on some rules. You can do that now easily: Bind Email to Project plugin was removed and Rules settings were moved directly into Email Integration plugin.

Also, Email Integration functionality is represented as a plugin under an open source license. It means you can modify and extend it.

Old Email IntegrationNew Email Integration
Where to find?Project Add/Edit screenSettings → Plugins → Email Integration
Project/Email Account1 Project - 1 Email Account1 Email Account - Many Projects
RulesHidden, implicitExplicit, visible
ModificationsNot possibleYou can modify plugin source code

To set up email integration, navigate to Settings → Plugins and find Email Integration section. Click Add Profile

New Email Integration. Image 2

Setup is straightforward. Fill in POP account details and push Check Connection button

New Email Integration. Image 3


Rules setup is more complex. Each rule has the following format:

when [conditions] then [actions]

Note that "conditions" part is optional and each rule should start with a new line.

Possible conditions
subject contains 'keyword1, keyword2, ...'actions from "then" part will be performed if ANY of the listed keywords is in the subject
company matched to PROJECT IDactions from "then" part will be executed only if requester and project mentioned in "when" clause relate to the same company
Possible actions
attach to project PROJECT IDemail message will be attached to project
create request in project PROJECT IDrequest will be created from email for a given project


Let's say, we have 2 projects. Project1 with id=1 and Project2 with id=2. Project 2 is assigned to TargetProcess company.

We can set the following 3 rules in the profile:

when subject contains 'Targetprocess, tp' and company matched to project 2 then attach to project 2 and create request in project 2
when company matched to project 2 then attach to project 2
then attach to project 1 and create request in project 1

Rules are checked from top to bottom. Let's see how these rules are applied to messages.

  1. If a message is sent by requester assigned to Targetprocess company and there is either "targetprocess" or "tp" word in the subject then the 1st rule†will be matched and the message will be attached to Project 2, with request created in this project.
  2. If a message is sent by requester from Targetprocess company but there is NO "targetprocess" or "tp" words in the subject, then the 1st rule will be skipped as†there's no match and the 2nd rule will be applied, with the email attached to Project 2.
  3. All the other messages not matching any of the first 2 rules will be moved to Project 1, with requests created for Project 1.


Till the end of Summer we will add IMAP integration and more actions, like create user stories, bugs and tasks from incoming email.

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