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We know how important communication is for all people working together. Being notified about events that matter to you in a timely and convenient manner is a necessity that, if done right, can greatly improve the way you work.

While reviewing our customers’ feedback and analyzing their needs, we identified several ways that we can improve notifications and communication in Targetprocess for all users:

  • Personal Notifications Settings offering the ability to unsubscribe from notifications
  • The ability to set up notifications with more flexibility
  • One single place for all notifications
  • Slack, Mobile and other integrations for those of you who prefer notifications to emails
  • Reminders that don't let anything fall through the cracks, such as due dates, cards in the same state for 2 weeks etc.
  • The ability to reply directly from a notification
  • Better email templates
  • The ability to customize the time period for receiving notifications
  • Notifications for non-Targetprocess users
  • A notifications log
  • Other Follow-related improvements

As you can see, we have a lot of ideas about ways we can improve our platform, but our main goal always is to make your life easier. This is what led us to bring you updated Admin Settings and the new Notification Rules feature in Targetprocess.

Admin Settings

We are excited to release an updated version of Admin Settings in Targetprocess. This was a very complex piece of the Notifications update, because everyone uses Targetprocess in their own way, with various processes and different cultural environments. Our aim is to make the available settings as flexible as possible and yet easy to understand for users.

Keeping these requirements in mind we created a basis called Notification Rules. This will allow us to add improvements and enhance existing functionality in a fast and easy way.

In the current version, only administrators of an instance can set up notifications for any other Targetprocess user.

Notification Rules

Notification Rules allow you to track changes to Targetprocess entities by configuring email notifications that will be sent from the Targetprocess platform. You can choose which changes will trigger notifications and who will receive them.

This is what notification rule creation looks like in Targetprocess now:

Which means whenever a new comment is added into User Story from Project 'Notifications' we would like to notify by email all the members of the Teams assigned to this User Story.

What’s Currently Available?

  • Notifications are available at the Project level.
  • You can set up notifications for up to 5 basic actions and up to 6 entity types.
  • You can choose recipients as roles (they are related to Assigned users, Project members, or Newly assigned users), or Assigned teams.
  • We group emails in 5-25 minute increments. This will prevent multiple emails from being sent when you create multiple entities or make multiple changes in a short time period.

We hope that options like Project-based notifications, customized recipients and notification groupings will help to reduce the number of incoming emails you receive.

What’s Coming Next?

We are working on tons of new features and updates. But it's really difficult to choose what is most important and most helpful to our users, so we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please email us at to provide any feedback you have about the Notification Rules.

For more detailed information please visit our guide, Notification Rules page in your account, or contact our support for help.

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