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12 years ago

Plugins Support in TargetProcess v.2.8

It will be possible to create custom plugins in the next release of TargetProcess. We've already created plugins architecture and are polishing some things at the moment. Plugins developers will be provided with С# API and some samples (Bugzilla Integration is a plugin itself for example and it will be released as an open source project).

As a plugin developer you will be able to:

  • Subscribe to different events in TargetProcess and do some actions.
  • Schedule plugin execution (for example, each 10 minutes)
  • Create different settings for plugins for different projects and different processes

As we see, this opens huge customization abilities for TargetProcess. Some examples of useful plugins:

  • Change Request state to Closed when correspondent Bug or User Story closed
  • Create a report and email it to a team lead each Friday
  • Post new bugs or update existing bugs to third-party bug tracking application that has web services API

We are going to build a community around plugins implementation for TargetProcess and support it with all answers, samples, implementation and development. Stay tuned!

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