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1 month ago

Questions and Answers about Scaling Agile

During our recent webinar on Essential Practices and Tooling to Deliver Results, we received lots of questions about the tools that help to scale agile. If you couldn't join our webinar or were unaware of it, you may find our article below interesting. It includes the questions we were asked by attendees and the answers that were given.

  • Can the tool be integrated with existing ones in order to manage different levels with different tools (for example, portfolio/value/solutions with this SW + train/teams/DevOps with Jira or existing tools) while maintaining end to end visibility? (e.g. going from an epic to a task in the same board).
  • Targetprocess can be integrated with team tools like Jira or Azure DevOps and roll up all the data into the portfolio and program layers.
  • How do we align WSJF of epics in the portfolio Kanban and features in trains, (to manage situations where an epic may score high but have some features scoring low in one train, impacting the overall product/epic) or would SAFe recommend against this alignment and allow each WSJF at each level?
  • In SAFe, you start at Epic (portfolio level) and continue with implementing the Epic using features on the program level. The WSFJ feature scoring before each PI determines if this Epic is still the most valuable to work on or if it’s more valuable to switch to another Epic. See the lean-start-up cycle article on the scaled-agile website. Targetprocess allows WSJF on both the Epic and Feature level.
  • Is this tool used for SAFe Agile specifically for distributed teams or can this tool be used for regular Agile as well?
  • Targetprocess can be used for SAFe or any agile framework. It’s a very flexible solution.
  • Question about the test management. For assurance in SAFe agile teamwork, do we plan in PI capacity testers (build in quality)? If so, what % in the CT across the portfolio? Does the test lead manager role exist in the engineering team? Please clarify.
  • Usually testers are included when estimating user stories, meaning that you would not reserve a certain percentage for testing, but take their thoughts into account while doing the actual estimation (e.g. with planning poker). As far as I know, there is no test lead manager role.
  • Is there any scalability limit? i.e. how many trains/tribes/etc did you use it for?
  • There is no limit to the number of trains you can set up in Targetprocess. Our largest customers have thousands of team members across many trains.
  • At a high level, would you compare and contrast Targetprocess with Azure DevOps and JIRA Align? Does Targetprocess work with Azure DevOps or JIRA + Align?
  • Targetprocess works as a standalone scalable platform. Or it can interface with Azure DevOps or Jira teams to allow the teams to do the work at the lower levels, and still give you the best visualizations and planning higher up. Targetprocess provides the scalability and flexibility at the right levels to support complex deployments.

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