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13 years ago

Test Cases Management: TP 2.1 New Approach

Test Cases Management will be included into TP 2.1. There are several significant changes in comparing with TP 1.7.

Test Case

Add/Edit Test Case Page is improved. The possibility of attaching files (images, docs and etc.) is provided as well as possibility of adding custom fields to test cases.

The custom field can be added through Admin Area as well as for User Stories, Iterations and other general entities.

And Test Case Form .

Test Plan

The test plan is a container of test cases. The custom fields and attachments are available for the test plan entity as well. The test case can be included into several test plans using Assign Test Cases Page.

Test Plan Run

The test cases in test plan should be run for iteration, release or build by QA person. The test plan run (Tests run) is designed for this purpose.

The QA person can be assigned to test plan run and it will appear in his ToDo.

The list of test plan runs for every test plan can be found in test plans list.

I want to highlight that the workflow of the test plan run can be changed.

Test Cases Runner

The Test Plan Run can be executed using Tests Runner. Here is the screenshot. Test Runner shows all test cases for current run, it is possible to navigate by test cases and mark them as passed or failed. Moreover, TC Runner remembers last checked test case and it is possible to continue run tomorrow.

The UI elements of the Test Cases Management are under development now. The business logic of this practice is almost completed.

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