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13 years ago

Test Cases Module in TP 2.1

On Friday we’ve started Test Cases module development. It will have some nice new features that where requested by many people. First of all, there will be test cases library – general test cases storage. It will be possible to copy test cases from library to project and vise versa. Usefulness of test cases library is obvious. For example, almost all web applications have login form and authentication mechanism. Test cases for such functionality are almost the same, so it is natural to create them once and use for all relevant projects.

The second highly requested feature is ability to assign the same test case to several test plans. It was not possible in TP 1.7, but will be added into TP 2.1. The reason is that often you need to have two test plans for one feature: one is smoke test plan and second full test plan for example. So you have to assign the same test case to both test plans.

Some additions will be made to enable time tracking for test plans execution and we’ll likely improve Test Runner to make it more usable. Other features will be almost the same as in TP 1.7 since people really liked how test cases module works.

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