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Another internal conference, Tau Conf #5, is coming up. These conferences are very special events at TargetProcess, and we look forward to them very much. Why? It's a great chance to try your hand at public speaking with colleagues as the audience. People share something they have learned from their work, or something related. Gusto for knowledge, learning and sharing are the driving forces for our curious company. Besides, who says there're no after-parties at internal conferences ..?:)

The only rigid rule for those conferences is: no third-party presenters. Everything else is flexible, as long as your presentation is of interest to the other colleagues. Everyone in the company can volunteer to do a presentation on some subject of their choice. Then we vote, and topics that get most votes are included to the conference program. Conferences are usually held in about a month after the voting, so speakers have enough time to finalize their presentations.

Here's the program for the upcoming Tau Conf #5, scheduled for April 26th and May 4th:

We've done 4 internal conferences already, covering quite diverse subjects. That's the Tau Conf #4 program from last year:

That's the Tau Conf #3 program:

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