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At TargetProcess we develop by feature. This means that all the user stories and bugs have multiple branches. We maintain quite many builds, as branches should be tested one by one. Visual Builds Board shows statuses for all the builds. This simple .NET application retrieves data from Jenkins and TargetProcess and makes it visual.

See the screen below. Passed builds are green, orange builds are running now, failed builds are red.

Targetprocess Image

The board shows where exactly the build is failing. For this one, it's Unit Tests:

Targetprocess Image

The build below is in progress and 3 phases have already passed. Functional tests are running now:

Targetprocess Image

Here's a full build history for a particular branch:

Targetprocess Image

That's how it looks live:

Targetprocess Image

The Visual Builds Board has been created by @AlexSane, @eugenekha and @AlexTsayun

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