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We are excited to introduce some new features for the table views.

Groups for visual tables

Sometimes there is a need to group table rows by the desired criterion. For example, it is handy to group completed stories and bugs by project or feature. Our latest release brought the possibility to apply up to three groups to any visual table.

Targetprocess Image

The example below shows the table with two groups configured.

Table Editor:

Targetprocess Image

Report View:

Targetprocess Image

Totals, group color, and other dimension settings can be changed using dimension popup shown by clicking on the group green rectangle in the report editor.

Targetprocess Image

Pinned columns

Your important columns can be pinned in visual tables now. It is useful when the table has a lot of columns and some of them should be always visible.

Please find a way to pin a column on a screen below.

Targetprocess Image

Now your pinned column will be always visible.

Targetprocess Image

Please let us know about any questions or comments.

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