What's New: TargetProcess 2.19.7 | Targetprocess - Visual management software
10 years ago

What’s New: TargetProcess 2.19.7

Target Process on-site community edition accounts have been updated to build 2.19.7 today.

New in this build:



#27036 CKEditor updated to v3.2.1

#24722 Kanban: popup with Tasks added

That's how it looks in the screen. Red arrow points to the tasks icon clicked for this pop-up:

Whats New: TargetProcess 2.19.7

Fixed Bugs


#27848 Attached snapshots can't be opened in Chrome

#27846 Serialization exception on Release plan

#27843 Program practice removed

#27464 Release Burn Down Chart: Simple mode changed

#27205 Cumulative Flow Report fails

#27089 Subversion plugin skips some commits

#27028 Test Cases are not copied with related User Story

#27009 Term isn't applied in tab opened from 'More' menu

#26972 Update through CSV import does not work

#26439 Tags for Test Case are not shown in User Story list

#24569 Can't move request to another project if it has more than one person assigned

#24484 Daily progress dashboard component filter issue

There's no need to download a new installation pack to do the upgrade. Please,  refer to our Installation&Upgrade Guide.

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