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12 years ago

Workflow Customization: Is it really agile?

It is not a secret, at least for target process team ;-), that the workflow of assignable entities (user story, bug and etc.) can be customized in TP 2.0. In other words the lifecycle of user story or bug can be changed in order to match the process used in your company.

Let’s see how the possible workflow of the user story can be applied to TP 2.0.

Here is the original workflow below:

As you see the following actors can be found in the workflow above:

  • Manager
  • Customer
  • Developer
  • QA Person (Verifier)

The state of the user story staring from opening till closing is the following:

  • Opened
  • Approved
  • Implemented
  • Verified
  • Closed

Let’s reproduce this workflow in the TP 2.0.

The following workflow is provided in TP 2.0 by default:

There is only one actor for user stories - Developer(s). The opened user story is assigned to developer and he makes it done after implementation. In our original workflow we have four actors. We need to add Customer and Manager (Verifier is provided for bugs so we don’t need to add it to TP 2.0).

The screen of the managing actors looks like the screenshot below after adding required actors:

Now we need to add the required states for the user story. Let’s do it using Admin -> Workflows -> Manage States for User Story entity.

The final screen of the user story workflow is the following:

The User Story Add/Edit Form looks like the form below after applying changes for the workflow above:

As you see the required actor can be assigned and the required effort for every actor can be provided right from the US adding page.

Looks like TP 2.0 workflow can be changed in order to meet the different processes. We do our best to make the workflow agile…

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