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Vitaly Khakholka
Targetprocess Product Specialist

Miro + Targetprocess — unstructured ideas meet structured work 
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Miro is a visual collaboration platform, empowering organizations to create, collaborate, and centralize communication across the whole company on a single online whiteboard.
These strengths around unstructured work compliment the core Targetprocess functionality around structuring, planning, and tracking of work. When integrated, an endless array of enhanced solutions is unlocked.

Possible solutions 
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Embedding Miro boards into Targetprocess supports such solutions as:
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Vision and strategy
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Business and portfolio
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Cross-team and company Retrospectives
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Agile maturity checks
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Product prototypes
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And many others

Miro activation in Targetprocess 
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Activating the Miro integration takes just a few clicks in the Targetprocess settings menu. Once complete, you’re able to embed new and existing Miro Boards as:
  • Targetprocess views in the left menu
  • An additional tab on an entity view
  • As well as widgets on dashboards
Once the integration is activated, you can easily create Miro boards and organize them in the left menu, similar to how you create Targetprocess Views.

Miro boards as Targetprocess views, embedded into views, and as widgets on Dashboards 
watching time: 1 min 38 sec

Miro Boards as Targetprocess Views

Let’s create a new Miro view and choose an existing Miro board where we visualize a company’s people and work structure. Having such a View within Targetprocess would provide new users with the details of the Targetprocess data model and illustrate how it is mapped to the company structure.

We can rename a view and put it into one of the folders, as well as edit the content of a Miro board right within Targetprocess.

Another solution would be running a strategic planning session. Start from unstructured brainstorming, handled by Miro within Targetprocess. Visualize the company’s current objective and the desired outcome, design a strategy, and formulate plans. Next, we’ll create the defined strategic objectives and key results in Targetprocess, linking to the related strategic initiative and work items to track progress.

Miro Boards embedded into Targetprocess views 
watching time: 1 min

Running a team or company-wide Retrospective has never been easier. A new solution for Retrospectives in Targetprocess allows us to visualize each Retrospective within a company as a card. It allows to see all the crucial details in the Retrospective view. We can also easily embed a related Miro board as a tab on a Retrospective card, enabling quick access to the latest retro details right from Targetprocess when needed. On the same view, we can create Retrospective Action Items, prioritize them, and assign them to the next team iteration.

Miro Boards as widgets on Dashboards 
watching time: 33 sec

Miro boards can also be added as widgets to Dashboards, giving a complete picture and allowing quick access to all essential activities. This gives an overview of team, program, portfolio, or strategy progress all in one place.

Read more about our Miro integration in the Targetprocess user guide and let us know if you have any questions.

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  • Miro boards as Targetprocess views,
    embedded into views,
    and as widgets on Dashboards
    • Miro Boards as Targetprocess Views
    • Miro Boards Embedded into Targetprocess Views
    • Miro Boards as Widgets on Dashboards

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