work Items

One-way and two-way synchronization:

  • Ticket
  • Epic
  • Feature
  • User Story
  • Task
  • Bug
  • Request
  • Test plan
  • Test Plan Run

Organizations that are using both Targetprocess and Zendesk for product management and development might need integration between the two tools to enhance communication between customers, end-users, and service agents. Synchronization will allow all team members to collaborate on shared artifacts and eliminate the disconnect between tools.

Possible use cases:
  • Help Desk Incident Sync and Escalation – Zendesk incidents and requests (all of them, or just a filtered subset) can be reflected in Targetprocess to provide the entire team with visibility into help desk activities, to escalate issues to the product and development teams, and to build reports using Targetprocess’ powerful reporting engine.
  • Help Desk Feature Request – Ideas and feature requests from ZenDesk might be synchronized with Targetprocess to let the product team prioritize them, convert / link to work and portfolio items in Targetprocess, and automatically get updates reflected back to Zendesk
  • Known Defect Status Reporting to Help Desk – Status and other bug details can be reported from Targetprocess to Zendesk.