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What to Expect from Agile Management Solutions in 2016

The trends and changes that CIO’s need to know

Project management and project portfolio management solutions are about to go through a period of change and evolution. Research from Gartner indicates that a gap exists between customer demand and current PPM functionality, as solution providers struggle to keep pace with the Digital Transformation. Consumers will increasingly be looking for innovative and visual solutions for their Agile project and portfolio management.

Michael Dubakov, one of the founders of Targetprocess, predicts that 2016 will see a great deal of merging between Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions to better connect portfolio planning to project execution.

“This trend began a few years ago and will dominate 2016. Most ALM vendors are implementing good enough PPM capabilities, while PPM vendors try to acquire ALM companies (e.g. CA Technologies has acquired Rally Software) or provide tight integrations with ALM tools”.

Targetprocess is a visual project management tool that recently released PPM functionality such as people allocation management in addition to the available roadmapping capabilities as a response to frequent requests from users for an Agile PPM solution. The current PPM solution of Targetprocess allows users to plan by teams and to connect high-level strategy with execution. Its users benefit from full traceability at various levels: from portfolio-level initiatives to development-level projects and work items.

Targetprocess plans to build on this functionality as users continue to request Agile PPM capabilities. The product roadmap includes features as Capacity Management and Custom Metrics to enable process control and improvements.

It should be stimulating to see how the future turns out for companies that scale Agile to the enterprise level and provide Agile PPM solutions. Agile practices have only just begun integrating themselves into the realm of portfolio management, but users are already excited about the novel and characteristically visual approach used by Targetprocess' PPM solution.

Another predicted trend for 2016 is a change in the way business intelligence tools are used.  Dubakov sees the immense value BI tools offer for project managers and expects BI integrations to be common.  

“Business Intelligence lurks into project management domain more and more. We will see more integrations of ALM/PPM tools with modern BI solutions, like Tableau or GoodData”.

In fact, Targetprocess is planning to integrate itself with Vizydrop, a daughter project of the company that analyzes data and generates automatic charts with suggestions for the most useful way to view the information. The integration aims to help Targetprocess users better understand their project data in order to derive greater business value from it.  

The final trend to watch out for in 2016 should also be fairly engaging to observe. “Agile” has gone from being a buzzword in IT circles to being implemented company-wide in all kinds of industries. The “2016 CIO Agenda” from Gartner indicates that 76% of organizations are already using the Agile methodology. Often the teams in such organizations organize cross-functionally in line with the Agile methodology. However, in large companies, functional teams are still in place (e.g. in marketing, design, HR, support and development departments) and instant improvement is hard. To help such customers support their current processes and simplify their optimization, Targetprocess’ latest release included Workflow Management for Functional Teams which lets customers visualize and run the work for functional teams, with adoption of Agile as the next step.

Fresh digital innovation and changing consumer demands are going to make the coming years very interesting. The coalescence of traditional and Agile strategies is bound to generate some unique ideas. In the midst of this evolution, one thing will never never change: the success of software solutions will always depend on their relevance to the market’s needs.  

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