Manage and visualize in 1 holistic solution.
Quickly see the "big picture."

Work using your own
Custom process, Scrum or Kanban.


SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)

Scrum for a company

Scrum for a team

Kanban for a company

Kanban for a team
Program manager

Product owner

Scrum Master


QA engineer

Support Engineer

IT Manager
Product life-cycle
Planning and tracking

Functional area
Risk management

Requests management

Product management

Visualize everything

One of the problems with work management today is that it's difficult to see the forest through all the trees. Targetprocess makes it easy to get a

distraction-free overview of your projects, with the ability to drill down or scale up for details from any level of the hierarchy.


Visualize relations between work items to quickly see and manage all dependencies and blockers.

Customize cards

Customize the information that's displayed on cards to get all important information at a glance.


Put your project data on a timeline (not a Gantt chart!) to see work over time. Set milestones to reflect important company dates.

Visual Encoding

Visual encoding can help you make better-informed decisions. Use RAG status tracking to visualize the status of work items.

Consistent data across projects, teams,
tools, departments.

One tool

Use one tool for ALM and PPM.
No more Excel sheets or multiple solutions.


Scale agile using SAFe. Customize the framework over time to fit your needs.

Progress at all levels

See progress rolled up from the task level to the corresponding high-level strategic initiative.

Service Desk

Handle Customer Support, Idea Management or any other requests with our free Service Desk application.

Maximize transparency and traceability.

To facilitate the best possible planning and collaboration, everyone has to be on the same page. Use Targetprocess to make sure that company vision,

team activity, and your next optimal task are always just a click away.

Track and trace

See the origin, journey, and current state of every item in the system. Instantly see any changes with live updates, and highlight important information using visual encoding.


Leave comments on work items and send email notifications to team members using @mentions. Share real-time boards outside of Targetprocess to keep stakeholders and customers in the loop.

Mobile app

Use our iOS and Android mobile apps to bring your favorite boards with you wherever you go.

Use any combination
of practices

and methods
in your own
custom process

Don't try to shoehorn your process into an inflexible tool, and don't assume a good software tool will solve all your process woes. A good tool on top of a bad process will only accelerate poor results. Targetprocess can help you to

better understand your process by showing you what is going right and what is going wrong, so that you can make the necessary changes to improve.


Use any combination of Scrum, Kanban, and our own preset work solutions. Customize them to match your teams, or create your own solutions.

Unified high-level view

Individuals, teams, and departments can use whatever process works best for them while still maintaining a unified high-level view of teams and projects.

Custom terms

Customize the terms the system uses for work items and workflows to match your desired vernacular.

Identify and visualize problems and risks

It's impossible to constantly oversee all problems, risks, and opportunities associated with your domain of work. That's why Targetprocess does it for

you. Customize your criterion for what constitutes risk, and be alerted by the system about things you need to know.

Risk management

Compare original plans against actual work and visualize any disparity. Use our risk management solution to always be aware of all potential risks and opportunities.

Building reports

Identify conflicts with resource allocations across different teams and projects. Build custom reports and dashboards to get an idea of your current state.

Early alerts

Plan for success, but prepare for failure. Targetprocess can help you to recognize failures faster, so you waste less resources on less-than-optimal work.

Rank and prioritize according to
your own custom criteria

Portfolio Ranking
Project Backlog
Project Intake Process
Project Request
Project Requests
Requests Dashboard

Figuring out what work needs to be done next in a project can sometimes feel like unravelling the Gordian Knot. There's so many different opinions and factors to consider, and it's difficult to keep everything straight. Use Targetprocess to automatically factor in these considerations so you can make an informed decision on your best next move.


Automatically prioritize incoming work items using CD3, WSJF, MoSCoW, or your own custom requirements.

Visual encoding

Build your own process for managing project intake. Use visual encoding to flag projects that pose a threat or opportunity.

Cutom reports

Use custom graphical reports to better understand how projects and work items are currently ranked.

Project Intake

Manage project requests to ensure you start with the most important and valuable work.

Manage resources and people to optimize
workloads across your organization

Management can often be chaos. It's hard to keep track of your most important resource (people) and make sure everyone is where they need to be

with the right tools to succeed. Use our People Allocation solution to manage this problem and better understand your teams' capacities.


Easily see who is working on what at any given time.


Visualize current and planned allocations to make sure nobody is overloaded or underloaded.


Set WIP limits for work at any state, and customize your boards to reflect your ideal work process.

What people say about us

  • We have been using Targetprocess for more than three years by now and still been surprised when our teams find news ways and work areas to use it…
    It is really so flexible that we can nearly model and effectively use in each workflow we need. New departments request me from time to time to show them "that tool you have with nice cards" :-)
    Jorge Rivero Sanchez Innovation Director
  • I love how adaptable and flexible Targetprocess is.
    It meets the various needs of so many different departments within our organization.
    We manage all of our IT, creative and legal workflow through Targetprocess.
    It's helped create a centralized location for our cross-department needs -
    as well as providing a history of our work.
    Katie MacCabe Assistant Director
  • I used Targetprocess at some very large multi-team multi-program clients and had a consistently good experience.
    I've got a lot of experience of Jira, Rally, PivotalTracker, Trello, Mingle and open source agile lifecycle management tools. I like Targetprocess better - it covers a lot more ground, the information architecture is really consistent, it's solid as a rock and fast too. Best of breed.
    Peter Merel CTO and Agile Coach

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