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On-Demand Webinar: From Requirements to Procurement -
How to Select an Agile Work Management Platform


You feel it. The increasing pressure from executives to collect data that reveals the status (and risks) of high priority projects. The ability to connect the business requirements and strategy to what your software teams deliver. A combination of these and other factors led you to one conclusion. You need a single source of truth. A platform that provides workflow management rooted in the end value that you must deliver.

With so many platforms and tools out there, how do you begin to wade through the sales pitches and information you are given?

In this on-demand webinar, Greg Johnson, an experienced agile assessment consultant, shares the best approach for narrowing down your choices and determining the right solution for your business.

You'll learn how to:

Determine if your organization is ready for a large-scale transformation
Establish your requirements for every level of your organization
Build a steering committee of decision makers, implementation team and key stakeholders
Perform a comprehensive agile solution assessment
Identify the pros and cons of incremental vs. “big bang” approaches
Avoid implementation mistakes with real-life stories and lesson learned

Even if you already have a platform, this can help you identify if you are missing key functionality and provide tips for evolving your business agility strategy with your current solution.

About Greg Johnson

Greg applies his knowledge and over 9 years’ experience implementing agile tools within SMB’s and some of the world's largest enterprises to help businesses select the right software tools and ecosystems to complement their lean/agile practices. He has worked at leading agile software providers and most recently as an independent

consultant to educate clients on software tools and technical solutions that support lean/agile methodologies. Greg analyzes business processes and requirements - then helps organizations research and select an agile work management platform that best supports their needs.

About Al Shalloway

Al Shalloway is the founder and CEO of Net Objectives. With 45 years of experience, Al is an industry thought leader in Lean, Kanban, product portfolio management, Scrum and agile design. He helps companies transition to Lean and Agile methods enterprise-wide as well teaches courses in these areas.

Al is a former SAFe Program Consultant Trainer. Al has developed training and coaching methods for Lean-Agile that have helped Net Objectives' clients achieve long-term, sustainable productivity gains. He is a popular speaker at prestigious conferences worldwide.