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Kanban Project Management Software by Targetprocess

Targetprocess’ enterprise Kanban tool offers organizations an effective way to stay on top of continual product delivery without overburdening the development team. The solution empowers your team with digital Kanban boards that provide the ability to visualize complex workflows while limiting work in progress (WIP) to prioritize delivery flows with end-user value in mind.

As organizational change spreads throughout the organization to include complex processes and more people, it becomes essential that you have a flexible solution designed to match your continuous delivery model. With Targetprocess, you can create multiple teams and public views and look at your data from all angles to ensure your team remains responsive to change and focused on delivering working product.

01Visualize complex workflows

Track progress at a company level with easy-to-navigate Kanban boards - free of the distraction of small details. Map your teams’ unique processes to a high-level flow while allowing each team to manage its own workflow.

Visualize complicated company flow

02Synchronize cross-team priorities

Understand and track the load distribution and work coordination of items across your teams to ensure they do not overcommit.

Synchronize cross-team priorities

03Track your portfolio

Plan enterprise and portfolio level features on a timeline to see who is doing what and when. Our forecasts engine tells you if your teams are on track, overloaded and helps you evaluate your portfolio.

Track your portfolio

04Visualize dependencies and blockers

Use a Relations Network diagram for an overview of all dependencies across teams and work items, including blockers or less critical relations.

Visualize dependencies and blockers

05Stay informed

Monitor progress in real-time with custom dashboards that provide clarity on workflows and roadblocks.

Stay informed

Targetprocess’ Kanban boards offer powerful data visualization for your enterprise that help you stop starting development initiatives and start finishing working product. With up-to-date information always on-hand, your team can respond to change quickly, streamline decision-making and optimize the product delivery process across all projects, while reducing waste and technical debt.

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