Kanban for a Company

Any organizational change involves more than one step and more than one person. This is where the flexibility of creating multiple teams and public views in Targetprocess, and looking at the same data from various angles becomes invaluable.

01Visualize complicated company flow

Oversee your progress at a company level without being distracted by small details. Map the unique processes of your teams to a high-level flow while still allowing each team to stay flexible with its own workflow.

Visualize complicated company flow

02Synchronize cross-team priorities

Understand and track the loading of items across your various teams for better load distribution and work coordination.

Synchronize cross-team priorities

03Track your portfolio

Plan your enterprise level features & portfolio on a timeline by checking the team allocation and re-allocating features to teams. The timeline view gives you the power to see who is doing what, when. Our forecasts engine tells you if your teams are on track and helps you to evaluate your portfolio.

Track your portfolio

04Visualize dependencies and blockers

Use a Relations Network diagram to have an overview of all dependencies across different teams and work items, including blockers or less critical relations.

Visualize dependencies and blockers

05Stay informed

Show important information for rapid monitoring at one place with exceptional clarity. Create your custom dashboards to stay informed on a company, team or personal level.

Stay informed