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Kanban for a Team

Targetprocess helps Kanban-oriented teams improve their just-in-time delivery. It visualizes the transition of a task from creation to its delivery to the customer without overloading the team members.

01Visualize any work

The Kanban Board will maximize your daily visibility by displaying the current workflow of any (or all) of your team's projects. To make the work value clear to the team, just add corresponding swim lanes to see classes of services.

Visualize any work

02Manage your flow

Finding the flow which fits your team best can be a long process, but Targetprocess can provide support to you during this period. Follow your transition rules and adapt Targetprocess to fit your work process.

Manage your flow

With WIP (Work-In-Progress) limits you can manage your workflow and always notice bottlenecks and overloads.

Kanban for a Team. Image 3

Monitor and improve your workflow with various metrics and reports. Understand the Burnup rate, Cycle Time, WIP history and bottlenecks — all at a glance. Use our Cumulative Flow Diagrams to see how much work is in any given state within a particular interval of time.

Cumulative Flow Diagram

03Make impediments & blockers explicit

Ensure that the team can work smoothly and any blockers raised are resolved as soon as possible. Organize all impediments by category to understand where most of the problems are coming from.

Make impediments & blockers explicit

04Customize cards

Choose details that are important for you and put them on cards. Make various card properties visible such as Relations to other cards, Number of Impediments, Assigned Person and Estimated Effort.

Customize cards

05Add your custom board

Didn't find the right view for your team? Just add it with one click. Choose from the library of ready-made templates or create your own. Decide what kind of work you want to visualize and how it should be structured. You can keep your view private or share it with your team. For example, you can also monitor your own work with your Personal Kanban.

Add your custom board