Agile Tracking Software by Targetprocess | Portfolio Planning Tool

Targetprocess gives you both a visual and intuitive way to coordinate your strategy across multiple teams and products, and to track your plans at the different levels of the company.

01Portfolio planning

Create business initiatives, split them into projects and plan them further on the timeline. Monitor your projects portfolio by aligning planned dates of completion, the execution progress and calculated forecasts for each project.

Portfolio planning

02Product Roadmapping

Synchronize product roadmaps for multiple teams and projects, determine if there are any delays and visualize the actual progress. Understand which team will be available for new functionality and when.

Product Roadmapping

03Release planning

Cross-project releases allow you to plan and track your backlog from several products all at the same time. They provide you with aggregated status while still being able to drill down into each project. Organize and coordinate between all of your teams in a portfolio initiative or in a release train, track the progress and see the forecasts.

Release planning

04Sprint planning

Iteratively plan stories of each team which may work on several projects at once. Select the highest priority user stories from every project backlog, control how much work is planned for each team and manage a team allocation accordingly. Get easy access to the Burn Down chart to track progress.

Sprint planning

Are you at the sprint planning meeting along with the team? Estimate stories quickly by putting them in a column with the appropriate estimation and control the level of size slicing which fits your team.

Planning and Tracking. Image 5

05Visual tracking

Use the custom graphical reports to see the complete picture of the problematic projects, features, releases and iterations. Visualize the delay, current progress, remaining effort, or other parameters that are important to you.

Visual tracking