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As a modern company, you have chosen Agile value delivery because it reduces waste and decreases delays experienced with traditional methods. With growth comes the need for scaling your initiatives. The Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe® offers guidance in scaling Agile practices for your company's unique needs. To facilitate this process, Targetprocess, a visual and flexible Scaled Agile Framework software tool, provides a technical platform that helps you implement and support business agility across the enterprise.

Targetprocess’ tool gives you instant visibility across your portfolio, value streams, programs, and teams. Our visual approach to work management allows technical and non-technical users alike to immediately grasp progress, dependencies and impediments across teams and program increments. PI Planning has never been easier!

Scaled Agile Framework Software for Enterprises

SAFe framework


01Fund Value Streams and align backlogs to company strategy

Align your product backlog with corporate strategic themes and investment plans. Fund Value Streams, rather than projects, and provide objective evidence of each initiatives’ purpose. Control investment spending automatically with team work in progress (WIP) calculations. The progress of your programs automatically reflects in the Value Streams and Portfolio views.

Fund Value Streams and Align Backlogs to Company Strategy

02Implement Kanban for Portfolio, Value Stream, Program and Team levels

Support continuous progress by implementing Kanban and roadmaps creation at all levels. Make the strategic business initiatives backlog fully visible to bring transparency to your organization’s analysis and decision-making.

Implement Kanban for Portfolio, Value Stream, Program and Team levels

03Rank and prioritize activities with Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF). Track important metrics

Rank and prioritize your Agile Release Train (ART), Solution and Portfolio backlogs using the WSJF approach. Ensure the system's priorities are consistently updated to provide the best business outcome.

Rank and Prioritize activities with WSJF. Track Important Metrics

04Track dependencies and remove impediments on every level

Manage dependencies and relations across all teams and programs. See work in progress at any time and avoid team overload and impediments. Predict delivery forecasts based on the historical PI (Program Increment) delivery results.

Track Dependencies and Remove Impediments on every level

®SAFe, Scaled Agile Framework are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.

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Targetprocess’ solution helps companies apply the Scaled Agile Framework at the enterprise level to maximize the company’s efficiency and drive the project success. Scale Agile effectively while customizing them to the business needs and specifics of your organization with the help of our tool.

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