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Targetprocess Scrum Project Management Tool

Targetprocess’ Scrum PM software tool is perfect for enterprise companies with multiple projects and distributed development teams. The solution allows effective work management for all projects, at every level of the Scrum software development process. The intuitive visual interface provides a bird’s eye view of project backlogs, work in progress, custom sprint schedules and more, without overloading the user with too many details.

Natural support of the multiple projects structure helps you to handle both high-level roadmap as well as low-level details and to visualize how they relate. Decide on cross-team priorities and get an idea of when teams might have time for a new project. Visualize work and plans in one place and provide team views for what they work on daily.

01Manage multiple team backlogs

Fill the high-level backlog across all teams and easily prioritize them according to the business objectives. Set the order of functionality for each business category to give teams clear vision of the highest priorities at release or roadmap planning.

Manage multiple team backlogs

02Track progress across teams

Get an overview of the work progress of each team. Understand how much work is remaining in the backlog and if any team is overloaded so that you can shift tasks before they become impediments.

Track progress across teams

03Let each team specify its own workflow and sprint cadence

All teams have their own sprints associated with their specific workflows. See each sprint schedule, current status, and gauge team synchronization.

Let each team specify its own workflow and sprint cadence

While working on a project, teams have the flexibility to determine their states. On a project level, use workflow mapping to view the high-level picture without digging into details.

Scrum for a Company. Image 4

04Track progress in one place

Create custom statistics to measure  actual metrics that leadership cares about.  Report team velocity, completed work trends, and planned vs. completed burndowns all on one screen.

Track progress for multiple teams in one place

Leverage the power of Targetprocess’ Scrum solution to boost the efficiency of your enterprise and accelerate product delivery while saving time and effort.

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