Available for both SaaS and On-Premise.

Targetprocess can integrate with your existing development tools to create a central hub for collaboration and management across your enterprise. Get rid of information islands and standardize your process across your entire organization.

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Scrum Master

The Scrum Master helps development teams to improve their development process, plan sprints, track progress, and run daily meetings. The Scrum Master also runs retrospectives, manages and removes impediments, ensures that all agreed development practices are actually executed, and glues teams together.

01Run daily meetings

See all assigned Tasks, Bugs and User Stories by team member and move things during a daily meeting fast.


02Manage impediments on a single board

See all open impediments in a single place and check blocked work.


03Customize development flow

Every team is unique. Scrum master can customize development process for the team and map this process to a company process.


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