Support Engineer

The Support Engineer handles incoming requests from customers, answers questions, creates bugs from requests, tracks requests' statuses and solves problems.

01Communicate with customers

Don't be overwhelmed by the amount of emails coming from various places. Create a request in Targetprocess automatically from any incoming email that you receive from clients and other departments of your organization. Reply using comments so you won't lose any communication thread.


02Handle incoming requests queue

The Support Engineer has a single point of access to all requests created from email, external systems or added manually. An email-like interface enables quick replies and editing.


03Create bugs from requests

Quickly create new bugs from incoming requests and assign them to appropriate projects.


04Track Ideas

Handle incoming ideas using Kanban Board. See how many votes each idea has, review ideas, create User Stories from incoming ideas and see high-level idea flow.


Are we closing requests faster? Do we have more requests every month? Do we have enough people to handle requests with good timing? Use Graphical reports and Dashboards to see what is going on in Support.


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