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Use cases and examples of Dashboard configuration

Requires Targetprocess 3.6.0+

There are many scenarios for dashboards and you can create several dashboards that serve different needs. Here are some examples that may be useful to you:

  • Iteration/Release. As a product owner you want to have a dashboard that contains critical information related to the completion of the current sprint (burndown, impediments/roadblocks, recent comments/entities/bugs) so that you can easily see the sprint progress and where any blockages are held to help you make decisions on card priorities, estimations and business values.
  • QA: everything about quality in some projects (New bugs in my projects, Open urgent bugs, Coded bugs unassigned to anyone, new bugs trend, closed bugs trend).
  • My: everything related to me (My ToDo list, My followed entities activity, Comments related to me).
  • Team: How team is doing?
  • Project: How the project is doing?
  • Support: related to help desk activities (New requests, Latest closed requests, SLA trends, Open Urgent requests).

Below you can find several examples of Dashboard configuration:

Team Dashboard

This is a real Dashboard for Alaska team that works on Custom Graphical Reports feature in Targetprocess.

It contains several widgets: New entities, Burn Down Chart, Latest Comments, Cycle time Trend, New Bugs trend.

Targetprocess Image

As a team member, you quickly see all new entities added to a team, in this case all entities are bugs, so most likely team is completing feature implementation. Current iteration is doing great, the trend is below ideal line so most likely all assigned work will be completed earlier than planned. It is handy to quickly check all latest comments in a single place.

My Dashboard

You can create a dashboard that shows everything you want. Here is an example with four widgets: Projects status, ToDo list, Follow activity and a custom report I created to track how many User Stories and Bugs I close every week.

Targetprocess Image

Follow activity widget helps to track all events in a Features I run. I am a developer in two Features, so I want to know when new Bugs are added or states of User Stories change. Here I see that in both Features new Bugs appeared, now I can click and see what are these Bugs about.

Also I see that last several weeks I fix more Bugs in general that previously. On average I implement 1-2 User Stories every week. Good to know.

QA Dashboard

This dashboard contains several reports and lists related to QA management:

Targetprocess Image

All widgets are self-explanatory.

Support Dashboard

If you have a support team that works with incoming requests, it is handy to have a single dashboard for it. The dashboard below includes two custom lists and two custom reports.

Targetprocess Image

First chart shows that lead time for requests is decreasing, so we close requests faster. Next chart shows that we have up to 35 new requests every day (weekends are clearly visible). Then we see a list of all new requests and a list of unreplied requests as well. You can open a request right from this list and do some actions, like assign to somebody or reply to requests.

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