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Service Desk

Service Desk is a standalone application that allows users without Targetprocess license to submit any kind of requests, search and vote for ideas, add comments and track the status of related items in Targetprocess

Apart from the full Service Desk application, we offer a simplified widget that you can embed to your website or any other page. It can be useful if you do not need the full Service Desk application, or if you just need your users to submit issues, ideas, or questions without leaving your site.

Custom Request types increase the number of scenarios that the Service Desk can be used for. Available in Targetprocess v3.10.8+ You can manage requests of any kind: Customer Support tickets, Idea Management, and anything else you need: from

Targetprocess tool supports Service Desk and Incident Management processes. Requests and support tickets can be grouped by custom categories. In this article we describe how to implement simple classification. Custom categories for requests help to increase efficiency of support workflow. They make it

A Service Level Agreement, or SLA, is an average response and resolution times that your support team delivers to your customers. Providing support based on service levels ensures that you're delivering measured and predictable service. It also provides

This article shows advantages of new Service Desk application over the old Help Desk portal: better UI, General and Personal Settings, usability improvements

Help Desk Portal general info and frequently asked questions

Learn how to manage requests, setup email integrations, use our Service Desk, and customize our built-in support solutions to fit your process.

Three reasons for not having 'Product' as a choice while creating Requests in your Service Desk portal, and the different ways to resolve them.

Enabling access to Service Desk portal Requesters list from Targetprocess 3 main menu.

Setting up POP Email Integration plugin to create Requests and add Comments from incoming emails automatically.

setting up Auto-Reply plugin to send automatic replies when requests are created in Targetprocess

Problem: you are using new Service Desk, but the links in emails lead to old Help Desk or even nowhere. This article shows how to fix it.

Communicating with your customers and stakeholdres using Comments and emails

External users (Requesters) can communicate with Support Agents and Customer Care Managers via Requests at Service Desk portal.

Can customers add Bugs to the backlog? Can Bugs be submitted within email directly? Is it possible to add and plan Requests in Sprints? Customers can submit their Requests within Service Desk and emails. In Targetprocess it is possible to

This article describes how to to configure settings of your Service Desk portal for Targetprocess. The article is composed for Administrators of Targetprocess accounts primarily. General Service Desk Settings Targetprocess hosted in the cloud / On-Demand package To activate Service Desk or modify its general

In Service Desk users specify Priority per each Request they submit. Priority options are actually configured as Business Values for Requests in Targetprocess. Priority in Add Request form of Service Desk: The options are the same as Business Values for Request

This mashup will set a color for a Request card based on the Creation Date, Last Comment Date and Kind of a User who posted the last comment.

As you spotted duplicates of requests, you can choose which request is primary and which one should be marked as duplicate. You can mark a request as a duplicate following 3 alternate ways: Using the Actions > Find Duplicate menu item of the Request view

Service Desk installation instructions for On-Site (On-premises) customers using IIS application at Windows Servers.

Service Desk installation instructions for On-Site (On-premises) customers using Docker containers

This article shows how to limit access to some projects in Service Desk for particular users using "Company" property

Companies in Targetprocess helps to split visibility areas in the integrated Service Desk so that clients from different companies would not see each other requests, products, and backlog items. Requesters can be assigned to Companies manually and automatically. In

This mashup adds a "Requesters" custom unit to the units library.