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How to start

If you are new to Targetprocess or need to add fresh users to an existing account, here are some resources to help you or your colleagues get started quickly and become active and valued members of the Targetprocess community.

A dictionary that explains Targetprocess terminology.

Targetprocess 3 connects the 3 major attributes of project management: People – Work – Plan.

The Solutions Gallery is a place where you can find different solutions - or collections of views - to satisfy a particular use case. Find out more about how to use solutions.

Changing personal details. Updating first and last name, login, email, and password. Granting access permissions. Adding user accounts and assigning users to projects. Removing people from projects and teams.

Helps you to decide if Teams are required. Describes how to add teams, how to distribute users and work by teams, and how to create Team Iterations.

This video is a basic introduction to Targetprocess. We’ll be covering 4 main topics: System Overview — A brief overview of the Targetprocess interface Views Basics — How we can view information from one or several projects Adding and Editing —

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts.