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Administration and Settings

Checking version details and release notes of your Targetprocess software.

Changing a process and a workflow in the middle of a project safely.

How to add, rename, merge or delete tags.

Where and how to set up workflows for Scrum and Kanban. How to set up and tweak custom workflows.

Custom formula metrics allow you to populate custom fields of the entities in your system within values calculated according to formula expressions. Effort metrics help to customize the way that effort values are calculated in Targetprocess. Requires Targetprocess 3.10.9+.

Any Project that is complete and not required for fast access at the moment can be archieved. Inactive projects become hidden from users but still reside in the database. We recommend deactivate projects and do not completely delete them

Customizing looks and size of cards in a View.

To track time in Targetprocess efficiently, you're welcome to enable forms that would allow your users to Add Time to the system. It is possible to customize the fields of the forms. All the settings described in this article can be

Highlighting cards on the Views using your own rules.

What are process practices and what entities/functions they affect

Set up WIP Limits for lanes and get visual feedback when these limits are met or exceeded.

In this video, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about administration in Targetprocess. We’ll go over three main topics: How to define roles and connect them with processes, How to enable and customize email notifications, How