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Mashups are custom add-ins and extensions for Targetprocess. They can help you to tweak built-in features, add new controls, widgets and reports, hide redundant fields, and slightly modify existing actions and workflows. Popular and reliable mashups are gathered

Mashups allow you to quickly extend Targetprocess UI with almost any functionality you want. The article describes how to use existing mashups or create you own ones.

Shows recent activity timeline: new comments, new entities, status updates for User Stories, Tasks and Bugs.

This mashup reflects the pages you've specifies in URL or Template URL custom fields as an embedded page on an entity view.

This mashup will add IDs to the work items listed in your time sheet.

This mashup adds a start/stop time tracking option to the Targetprocess menu bar. It displays all assignables that can accept time entries for the current user that meet the following criteria: The EntityState is not final. Is in

Configuring pre-populated descriptions for newly added work items

Create templates for tasks and test cases to apply to multiple user stories.

By default only a relative date ('Just now' / 'X minutes ago' / 'X months ago') is displayed. The exact date is available as a tooltip, but this might not be ideal in some cases - like audits,

This mashup will streamline the graphical image of your workflows.

This mashup will create new entities (User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, etc.) from the list of names in a .txt file

This Mashup adds a button - 'Hide not Responsible' - on all boards where 'Person' is selected as a lane.

This mashup will set a color for a Request card based on the Creation Date, Last Comment Date and Kind of a User who posted the last comment.

This mashup (custom add-on) enables a Web page widget which allows you to embed an external web page on your dashboard. Maybe a web page with your company policy or feature documentation on Google Drive? You decide! Activation The mashup can

This mashup will let you see the current board in the fullscreen mode.

The mashup (custom add-on) provides a quick and easy way to hide child cards whose parents are already displayed on the view. For example, if you have a feature with four user stories underneath it, the mashup provides

This mashup will show nested boards for the lower-level entities based on the selection of parent entities.

The users will be able to set their personal signatures for the comments they're adding to bugs, stories, requests and tasks.

The Transparent CK Editor Panel mashup makes a floating CK Editor panel transparent to help see the elements behind it.

Provides simple charts to help monitor your JavaScript performance.

This mashup enable Dark Theme for TV monitors and projector screens.

This mashup allows a custom field to be required when an entity is moved to a specific state or a specific value is selected in another custom field.

In this article we describe how to activate feature that allows Share Views with external users in On-Premise environment. We list pre-requirements and limitations of the solution as well. Activation On-Site customers can install this mashup from the Mashups Library to

This mashup will disable the Create View function for certain users and/or roles.

Instruction on how to use Mashup Library on a server with no direct Internet access