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Whether you're a veteran user or just starting out with Targetprocess, you may find our Solutions Gallery to be very helpful and even invaluable for building your Targetprocess environment. The Solutions Gallery is actually a collection of views and sets of views that can act as a foundation and a springboard for any new views or projects you wish to create in Targetprocess.

We continuously add new solutions. The current solutions can be grouped into the categories below. Play with different solutions to get ideas for your current setup of Targetprocess, or fine-tune them to perfectly match your desired process. Read how to get started with the Solutions Gallery.

Manage work, projects and teams using any flavours of Scrum, Kanban or a custom approach. Additionally, take a look at the Request Management and Recruiting Process solutions. Make work & project management enjoyable and more effective.

Leverage the unique capabilities of Targetprocess to extract any data in the way you want. Benefit from the foundation for your time, effort and status reports and get inspired with the examples for custom graphical reports. Check out the reporting solutions.

Get more visibility into your marketing projects, campaigns, events and routine activities. Visibility leads to smarter decisions and greater success. Reset your marketing!