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Reports and Dashboards

Reporting in Targetprocess is now done via built-in integration with Vizydrop, our free data visualization software. The Visual Reports Editor features a comfortable drag-n-drop interface, a powerful formulas editor for custom calculations, the ability to aggregate fields, add annotations and milestones, compare and explore data, and dig down for low level details. New reports will automatically be made using the new editor, but all of your old reports are still available.

You might want to check what’s been going on in a project over a certain time period: who’s done what, when, how fast. You may also want to know how intensively the tool has been used.

REST API provides an easy way to extract data from Targetprocess and to put it to Microsoft Excel or XML / JSON-formatted files. Reporting via the REST API requires some moderate technical knowledge.

Custom graphical reports should be used to see aggregated data and progress over time. Available in versions v3.6.0 - v3.10.0 for Targetprocess accounts hosted in the cloud. Previously created reports are still supported, but it is not possible to create new reports with the old interface. Available in versions v3.6.0+ and still supported for On-Premise accounts

Analyzing User Story or Bug development flow.

Targetprocess is quite powerful with its ability to do advanced calculations. The system can evaluate values using multiple source fields and properties, common math, and string manipulation operations. As a result you get calculated numeric, date, boolean, text values. They can be

Track your progress on various levels using Dashboards.

Time List view is recommended view to see your time records. On this view each time record is represented as a row or a card. Records can be grouped, sorted, filtered, and highlighted when needed.

The Progress Summary view answers the most important question in software development: “When will the release be completed?” This knowledge comes from the historical data analysis and the remaining work calculation. In Targetprocess you can build a Progress