Some of the most common reasons why a view is not displaying cards.

Changing card priority (rank) using drag-n-drop. By default you have to hold Shift so that prioritization takes effect. However, in some cases the system might not allow you to prioritize. See why.

Preventing views from forgetting their project and team selection.

Most common issues with plugins for the local version of Targetprocess and how to fix them

This article describes the information we'll need from On Demand users so that we can effectively troubleshoot performance issues.

Q: What is the maximum file size of an attachment? How can I change it? Problem: When we try to attach a file that is too large we get the following error: "Looks like application is not available. Please check your

Q: My locally installed Targetprocess application is slow or hangs. I see the following error messages in my application log: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred

Q: Why is it that when I move an epic into a different project, associated features, user stories, bugs and tasks don't move along with it? Is there a way to do this? A: Indeed hierarchical links (such as

Some of the most common reasons why a board is not displaying the right lanes.

Search feature not showing results at all, or showing partial results.

Troubleshooting when you’re unable to filter cards by a related property or unable to select a property as a lane.

Why is the Finish Iteration link missing?

The article explains why emails from particular addresses do not generate a new request.

Sometimes you meet the absence of 1000+ ids on your Targetprocess site - here's why it may happen

Restoring a deleted Project from the database.

Three reasons for not having 'Product' as a choice while creating Requests in your Service Desk portal, and the different ways to resolve them.

Problem: you are using new Service Desk, but the links in emails lead to old Help Desk or even nowhere. This article shows how to fix it.

Project Managers may want the option to check the timesheets of team members to get an idea of their progress. In such situations, a dropdown list can be made visible in the timesheet interface to allow particular roles

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