First steps in Targetprocess: Memo for new users

First Steps in Targetprocess

Memo for new users of Targetprocess

If you're new to Targetprocess or need to add fresh users to an existing account, here are some resources to help you and your colleagues get started quickly and become active members of the Targetprocess community.

Magic Links

Magic Buttons

Solutions Gallery

Template Views and Helpful Solutions

Inside Targetprocess, in the bottom left-hand corner, hit the “Create” button and browse our Solutions Gallery whenever you need inspiration, helpful templates and pre-set solutions for your role, team or process. More about pre-set views & solutions

User Guide

User Guide

On the top panel of Targetprocess hit “User Guide” whenever you are deadlocked or something is not clear. You will find answers to thousands of questions, our manuals and video tutorials.


Live Chat with Customer Care

If there is no answer to your specific question in the User Guide or the answer is not clear, our Customer Care team genuinely cares about users and will be happy to help: go to Settings in the upper right-hand corner and hit Live Chat! If you do not have this button, you can still contact us via Live Chat at the bottom of

Link to User Voice

Speak freely!

If you have a feature request or a suggestion on how to improve the product, it is best to post it in our User Voice portal: please go to Settings in the upper right-hand corner and press “Send Idea”. The User Voice portal is our main source of information for prioritizing product development efforts.

Magic Addresses

  • Support (at) - can be helpful if some magic button turned out to be not that magical. Our support team will be more than happy to assist you.
  • Sales (at) - can connect you with the sales team to discuss any money-related questions. If you are paying with a credit card and need to add additional licenses, you can do it directly at our Customer Center.
  • PS (at) - will connect you with our Product Specialists. It is hard to believe how passionate these people are about both the product and our users! They can really do wonders, i.e. set up Targetprocess to work your way and to support your unique workflows, no matter how quirky!
  • News (at) - send us your story and describe how you use Targetprocess! Your wisdom might be helpful for other members of the Targetprocess community.

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