Install, Upgrade and Maintenance

Software and hardware required for installation and usage. Basic performance recommendations.

Installing and activating the local (On-Site) version of Targetprocess. Windows authentication mode for sign-on using Active Directory domain user accounts. Upgrading your On-Site instance safely.

How to update your Targetprocess account to the latest version.

What to do if for some reason you don’t see the “update previous version” option, and the system is about to install a new instance of TargetProcess.

Most common issues with plugins for the local version of Targetprocess and how to fix them

Basic recommendations on how to prevent your database from becoming slower. Applies only to On Site (local) version of Targetprocess.

Targetprocess web application establishes permanent connection with SQL server containing its database.

Restricting use of Targetprocess to HTTPS (HTTP with encryption) increases security against eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. This can be extremely beneficial for organizations that require additional protection for confidential data and access their Targetprocess instance outside of a

To create MS SQL Server 2005 (Express) database backup, you need Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. It can be freely downloaded and installed on the server or your PC. Run SQL Server Management Studio, find TargetProcess database

Q: What is the maximum file size of an attachment? How can I change it? Problem: When we try to attach a file that is too large we get the following error: "Looks like application is not available. Please check your

We began phasing out Targetprocess v.2 in May 2016. Our last Targetprocess 2-supported build is v3.8.10. All updates after this are not compatible with v.2. We've stopped supporting Targetprocess v.2. It's the end of an era. As we’ve explained in earlier

Q: My locally installed Targetprocess application is slow or hangs. I see the following error messages in my application log: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred

All Plugins are implemented as Windows Services. Even if you do not use some of them - you have not configured any Profiles - they will still be running. And as any of the Windows Services, they consume

How to get access to the Solutions Gallery if you use Targetprocess on-site.

This article helps you to move Targetprocess from one server to another. We know simply copying the files to new server is tempting, but please have a look at the guide first

Installing two instances of Targetprocess application on the same server. Reasons why we do not recommend that.

If you migrate your database from SQL Server 2005 to a newer version, there is an extra step you have to take.

How to properly configure proxy server

Instruction on how to use Mashup Library on a server with no direct Internet access

In this article we describe how to activate feature that allows Share Views with external users in On-Premise environment. We list pre-requirements and limitations of the solution as well. Activation On-Site customers can install this mashup from the Mashups Library to