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Views: setup and usage

The one-screen UI. Boards as switchable 2D data views. Kanban Board. Limitless custom views, quick to set up. Lists, timelines, maps as the other tools to extract and visualize the People-Work-Plan data.

Dashboards are great for progress tracking on various levels. For example, you can create a dashboard that shows progress of several projects or a single team, dashboard to track QA or handle Help Desk activities.

The Projects-Teams selector lets you change which projects and teams are shown on a view.

This video is a short introduction to view basics in Targetprocess.

This video will talk about organizing and sharing new Views.

Sorting cards by Rank to prioritize work. The other sorting options for cards and lanes.

Targetprocess allows you to group the views efficiently and customize them as per your own needs

Share views and reports with users who don’t have access to Targetprocess.

Paginating cards in cells, rows and columns

Quickly hide all empty lanes with a single click.

Q: I want to create a view or a dashboard and set it as my default view so I see it every time I log in. A: In Targetprocess tool there is no capability to set default home view

Using the green in-view [+] buttons to add lanes and cards. Why the green [+] buttons are not available sometimes.

5 zoom levels, switchable by a slider.

Changing the width of columns. Custom width settings

Where to collapse/expand rows and columns.

Using focus to highlight a selected intersection of a horizontal and vertical lane (a cell).

No page reload needed to update a view. Why real time view updates are helpful.