Testing module / QA Area

Sync your work in external trackers with the work in Targetprocess. Track your daily build tests real time. Import regression test results into Targetprocess.

Bulk addition of Test Cases and detailed Test Steps within CSV files.

The Testing module / QA Area in Targetprocess is designed to help you manage test-related activities in your company. It includes the possibility to manage your test design process and also allows you to track the execution process. What is a Test Plan and a Test Run.

Describes a places in Targetprocess where you can check results of your test plan runs and test case runs executions.

Creating a new Test Plan Run at Test Plan detailed view and other views.

If you are a QA Manager or work as a Software Tester, the set of views in this solution are going to be your tool-set for planning and tracking testing activities in your company as well as help to provide high quality in the products you develop. Within this solution are views, on which you can create and manage test cases at a user story level, organize them to test plans to cover testing on a feature, release and project levels, track test plans design and execution progress, and get a look at the execution schedule for your test plan runs. Additionally you can check how many bugs were found in a user story or feature and determine which are the most important bugs to fix next.

Q: Is it possible to attach files and images to test runs? I'm asking because we make screenshots of our regression test results and would like to add those to the test run in Targetprocess. When we do

Describes how to create a test plan for any entity, as a feature, release, iteration, request and others, in Targetprocess

Describes places in Targetprocess where you can create a new test cases and test plans from.

Describes places in Targetprocess where you can create a new Test Plan Run from. Test Plan Run execution workflow. Execution of Test Cases inside a Test Plan.

Test case run and bug relation feature adds the ability to create bugs related to a test case that is currently being executed.

Describes how to freeze closed test plan run results and executed test case run results forever.

A step-by-step guide to set up the Test Run Import Integraton plugin. Tracking daily build tests in Targetprocess.

Test Cases can be exported together with their Test Steps.

Organize existing test cases directly related to a user story under common test plan.

Capturing a screenshot and creating a new bug in Targetprocess with Google Chrome browser extension

Syncing work in Bugzilla with the work in Targetprocess. Setting up a plugin profile to integrate with Bugzilla issue tracker.

Creating Test Cases inside a Test Plan view.

Adding existing Test Cases to a Test Plan

Test Plan Run execution workflow. Execution of Test Cases inside a Test Plan.

Changing results of a Test Step Run or Test Case Run.

Create templates for tasks and test cases to apply to multiple user stories.