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Suppose you have 15 work items, and you need their State, Release/Sprint to be changed and a new common Tag assigned. There used to be several ways to do such a massive update, but all of them were tedious or time

We began phasing out Targetprocess v.2 in May 2016. Our last Targetprocess 2-supported build is v3.8.10. All updates after this are not compatible with v.2. We've stopped supporting Targetprocess v.2. It's the end of an era. As we’ve explained in earlier

Available since Targetprocess v.3.10.0 A Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) shows how much work is in any given state within a particular interval of time. You can use a CFD to find out how much work is done, ongoing, and in

Starting with Targetprocess v.3.10.0, it is possible to split entities of several types: Epics, Features, User Stories, Bugs, Tasks, and Requests. For example, if you have a huge User Story with a long description that will require much work and

Where can I see the activity on my tasks? The ones I'm owner of or assigned to. For the moment we only have plans to implement such a feature. However there are several helpful views and widgets in Targetprocess

The Visual Reports Editor features a comfortable drag-n-drop interface, a powerful formulas editor for custom calculations, the ability to aggregate fields, add annotations and milestones, compare and explore data, and dig down for low level details.

Service Desk is a standalone application that allows users without Targetprocess license to submit any kind of requests, search and vote for ideas, add comments and track the status of related items in Targetprocess

Every Targetprocess user has faced the challenge of quickly finding some entity which they recently viewed or modified. To simplify this process, we've added a special My Recent selection to the views list so you can quickly find the entities that

Let's dive into the basics of built-in report calculations within Visual Reports. These operations allow us to use much more powerful techniques for data manipulation and aggregation, compared to the standard Targetprocess formulas. We'll explain below why this is so.

Visual Filters for Views and Visual Reports help to select, hide or highlight data when the keyword search using more simple Basic Filters does not fit your needs. Visual Filters are easy to understand and effective. You can create rather smart queries with

The Projects-Teams selector lets you change which projects and teams are shown on a view.

Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts.

Emoji in left menu Have you ever had problems sorting through all the boards and views in the left menu?  Us too. It can definitely get cluttered in there, especially when the menu is minimized and only showing

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