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Importing Features, User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Requests, Requesters, Test Cases, Impediments using CSV (comma-separated values) files.

Software and hardware required for installation and usage. Basic performance recommendations.

Productivity tip that suggests a handy way to refer to another entity

Q: How does your system save and manage documents? Is there a repository? Q: Is there a Wiki on your roadmap? Q: Can you connect to platforms such as MS SharePoint, Confluence, SVN or other popular ones in the market?

How do I attach an existing Bug to a User Story so that it appears under its Bugs tab? When testing a story, it is easy to add a new bug that will appear under the Bugs tab for the story. But

Q: Is it possible to attach files and images to test runs? I'm asking because we make screenshots of our regression test results and would like to add those to the test run in Targetprocess. When we do

Q: What is the maximum file size of an attachment? How can I change it? Problem: When we try to attach a file that is too large we get the following error: "Looks like application is not available. Please check your

It is possible to get selected alerts from Targetprocess to Slack, and submit an entity to Targetprocess from your Slack directly. Each direction is configured separately. Send notifications from Targetprocess to Slack Create new items in Targetprocess from Slack Powerful two-way integration between

Typical project backlog consists of features, user stories and tasks. Bugs and epics may also participate in it. To create a better backlog overview with all entities shown together and provide ability to manage work effectively we created two solutions:

Q: Why is it that when I move an epic into a different project, associated features, user stories, bugs and tasks don't move along with it? Is there a way to do this? A: Indeed hierarchical links (such as

Any Project that is complete and not required for fast access at the moment can be archieved. Inactive projects become hidden from users but still reside in the database. We recommend deactivate projects and do not completely delete them

Effort is the value showing the amount of work which is required to complete a task/work item/entity. Total effort is used as one of the key metrics in work planning, progress tracking and reporting.

Setting up POP Email Integration plugin to create Requests and add Comments from incoming emails automatically

Notifications help you to send messages and alerts to the responsible people when some important events or changes happen in the system. Notifications are a good alternative to views and dashboards. To stay aware your colleagues do not

Creating a View that displays items assigned to you. Add-ins that display your personal ToDo list in other tools

Not all work time is billable. In Targetprocess you can choose if you want a specific time entry to be billable or not. It is also allowed to build a report that filters out only billable or non-billable time spent records for each user and task in your projects.

Ownership is granted to the User that creates an entity. When an entity is created, its Owner field is populated with a reference to the creator user. Permissions of Owners Owners can always edit and delete their own entities,

Q: We estimate Epics and their child Features. When the Epic is estimated the sum of Features underneath it should not exceed the estimation of the Epic. Moreover, the sum of User Story effort under one Feature should not exceed the estimation of

Adding Tasks quickly using Task Creator Plugin.

This article is obsolete for On-demand accounts. Please see our guide section on how to create Visual Reports.   Q: How do I create a custom graphical report with team states on the axis? Our cards are assigned to

In Targetprocess it is possible to create board views with cards grouped by lanes. On such boards, usually the first row and/or column displays entities with empty values. It is possible to apply a filter that will hide such default rows or columns

How to change effort units from hours to points (or from points to hours) and which options are available.

This article contains answers to frequently asked questions about Visual Reports in Targetprocess. Refresh Interval How often does a Visual Report refresh the data displayed? Data in Visual Reports is updated every 1 hour in Entity Reports and every 4 hours

Q: How can we make "Team" field mandatory? Is it possible to set it up so that any new entity must be assigned to a team resulting in "No Team" never being an option? I have team members who

As a project manager or product owner you may want to plan and track development of several versions of the same project or support your product for multiple platforms. It is possible to track platform-specific project activities in Targetprocess.

Q: I want to create a view or a dashboard and set it as my default view so I see it every time I log in. A: In Targetprocess tool there is no capability to set default home view

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