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The Views and Tools Overview


Targetprocess is based on several principles:

  • Quickly add data
  • Extract any data and visualize it in any possible way
  • Update data anywhere

In Targetprocess, you have the tools to add, extract, present, and change data with close to zero limitations. Every item added is kept in a relational database that the available view modes represent based on the information you want to see.

There are several ways to visualize data in Targetprocess and your choices determine what data is and is not visible on any view. Once you have configured your view, you can quickly switch between all these modes to choose the most suitable one:

  • List. A hierarchical list of entities with the full inline edit.
  • Board. A flexible board with customizable lanes and powerful filters.
  • Timeline. History, roadmaps, portfolio, iteration and release plans.
  • One-by-one: A list with a quick overview of the currently selected entity on the right side of the screen, in a similar fashion to email clients.

Here are some of the tools and features currently available in Targetprocess:

User Interface

Targetprocess is a single-page application. You can create views, switch view modes and manipulate data, but you never navigate away from the main screen (so far).

Here's the general UI layout:

User Interface

The Views and Tools Overview. Image 2

We completely re-designed left menu based on your feedback and pain points. Now you can create public, shared and private Groups, organize Views in a more structured way and set up unified menu for the whole company. You can find Views and Groups in a snap, add Views into Favorites section and hide redundant Views and Groups easily.

The Views and Tools Overview. Image 3

We’ve made the UI for views a little less cluttered by moving several controls to the Actions menu. If you need to switch to a different view mode, hide empty lanes, or change the zoom level for cards, just open the Actions menu and select the appropriate option.

The Views and Tools Overview. Image 4

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