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Bug Duplicates

As you spotted bug duplicates, you can choose which bug is primary and which one should be marked as duplicate.

You can mark a bug as a duplicate following 3 alternate ways:

  • Using the Actions > Find Duplicate menu item of the Bug view
  • From the Bug Duplicates section, which is on the right side, below the bug workflow state
  • From the Relations tab - add new relations with Duplicate type. Add an outbound relation from a primary bug to a duplicate one.

As a result of any way the Duplicate relation between origin and duplicate bugs is created. Duplicate bugs and links to them are displayed both in Bug Duplicates section of Bug details view and in Relations tab.

Duplicate relation is outbound for origin bug A and inbound for duplicate bug B discovered later.

In Bug Duplicates section there is Merge button. When you click it a few things happen.

First, attachments from any duplicates that are not in the final state are added to the primary entity. Second, any descriptions and comments are copied as a comment tree to the primary entity. Then, all the duplicates are moved to their final state (closed) and tagged 'merged'. And finally a comment with a link to a primary entity is automatically added to each of them.

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