Bugzilla Integration plugin

Bug details synchronization between Bugzilla and Targetprocess

The Bugzilla Integration plugin allows you to sync your work in Bugzilla with work in Targetprocess. As soon as a bug is added/updated in Bugzilla, the changes will be shown in Targetprocess.

The following Bugzilla versions are supported: 3.4.x, 3.6.x, 4.0.x, 4.2.x, 4.4.x
Bugzilla version 5.0.x support added in Targetprocess v3.8.0+

The following bug details can be synchronized:

Bugzilla → TargetprocessTargetprocess → Bugzilla
Create Date

How to Create Bugzilla Integration Profile

Go to Settings → Plugins and click Add Profile on the Bugzilla Integration screen.

Specify Profile Name and connection parameters:

  1. URL: your Bugzilla server's URL address.
  2. Login and Password: login and password of Bugzilla user.

How to Create Bugzilla Integration Profile. Image 1

Bugzilla Query and Targetprocess Project relate to each other as One-to-One. In other words, if you want bug data to be synchronized or imported from multiple Bugzilla queries to multiple projects in Targetprocess and vice versa, you'll need to create multiple Bugzilla plugin profiles.

Click the 'Check Connection' link to make sure that the connection was successful. If you're setting up Bugzilla Integration for the first time, you'll see the following message:

How to Create Bugzilla Integration Profile

The tp.cgi script enables communication between Targetprocess and Bugzilla. Please, download the script for your version of Bugzilla and add it to the Bugzilla root folder:


Data Mapping

It is very easy to map States, Priorities and Severities in Bugzilla to States in Targetprocess:

Data Mapping. Image 1

Once a bug is resolved in Bugzilla, the resolution comment will be added as a comment to the bug in Targetprocess.

There are two anchors in Bugzilla: Assignee (a person who will fix the bug) and Reporter (the person who added the bug). Thus, Roles are mapped accordingly by default:

Data Mapping

This role mapping can be changed easily as well. The drop-downs include all roles you have in Targetprocess; any of them can be selected.

You can map Bugzilla Users to Targetprocess users in the same way:

Bug details synchronization between Bugzilla and Targetprocess. Image 3

We recommend that you update your Targetprocess workflow so that your Bugs match the Bug states in Bugzilla. You should also double-check to ensure that bugs are syncing correctly.

Click 'Save' to save the profile.

Synchronization will be launched shortly after saving, and will run every 5 minutes. The sync's progress and errors (if any) will appear in the Log:

Bug details synchronization between Bugzilla and Targetprocess. Image 4

Now, all bugs from the Bugzilla Query you've included into the profile will be imported to Targetprocess. At the Bug view page, you can see a special section dedicated to data taken from Bugzilla:

Bug details synchronization between Bugzilla and Targetprocess. Image 7

Visibility of Bugzilla Bug details

The Bugzilla Bug ID and link can be found by opening up the bug in Targetprocess.

Bugzilla IDs and links are not yet displayed on boards, lists, reports and other views.

Technical details

If you use our on-demand (cloud-based) service and your Bugzilla instance is hosted in your local network, then external access to Bugzilla should be provided. Incoming connections from our servers should be forwarded to Bugzilla by your network gateway/proxy server. To improve security, we can provide you with the IP addresses of our servers. If you choose, you can add them to the white lists on your side. This will allow your network to accept them when our servers try to establish a connection with your network. This will also help ensure that unknown connections are rejected.

HTTPS connections are supported. Self-signed SSL certificaticates can be used as well.

Custom HTTP ports are supported.

If you notice any connection errors, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

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