Test Case Runs and Bugs Relations

Test case run and bug relation feature adds the ability to create bugs related to a test case that is currently being executed. As a result, you can track how many issues have been found during the execution of the whole test plan run.

To add a bug related to a test case run, simply click the Create Bug button on a test case run view, give the bug a name and click the Add or Add & Open button.

A new bug will be created and linked to the current test case run automatically. Test case run details will be copied to a bug description:

All the bugs related to a test case run are shown on the bugs tab of a test case run view.

With the Open/Total Bugs unit added to the test plan/case list it’s quite easy to get an idea on how many bugs have been found and how many still need to be fixed during the current test plan run execution.

The same unit can be added to test plan run cards on a board, list and timeline view modes.

  • Tim Flinders

    I can see the bugs can be seen from the Test Case Run but are there plans to get back to the test case run or particular test case the bug that was created itself. I would like it to be transparent to a developer where the bug came from if a test case generated it. Is this possible now or something to come in the future.

  • Alex

    Tim, the feature ‘Link Test Case to Bug’ is incomplete still. See the whole feature definition and track its progress in our public backlog please: https://tp3.uservoice.com/foru

  • Alex

    Q: What is the most efficient way for the developer to see the run notes, starting from the User Story?
    A: For the defects found during tests execution we recommend to use ‘Create bug’ flow.
    When you create a bug from there, it is automatically assigned to the user story of the test plan.
    Then on the user story page on Bugs tab you’ll be able to find the bug listed as open.
    Otherwise, if you prefer not to create bugs and only fill notes, then your developers should open the following link on the user story details page: Test Plan box (on the right panel) -> Last Run Results -> click by ID number of the failed test run.

  • Kate Kuo

    Hi, may I know that is there any way that I can TAG ID number on description area like I used to tag someone in comment? Thank you 🙂

  • Kate


    Please use id: XYZ where XYZ is the Id of the entity you would like to reference.
    On a side note, if you have questions, that are not directly related to the help guide articles, please feel free to e-mail them to support@targetprocess.com

  • Alemayehu Workneh

    Is there anyway I can disassociate a bug from a test case run?

  • Kate

    Hi @alemayehuworkneh:disqus

    Please open Test Case Run for details view, switch to the “Bugs” tab. Right click the bug you would like to disassociate and then click “Unlink”. See the screen shot below:

  • Carolyn

    What happened to the unlink feature the last commenter referenced? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62346b0c76fba971d28ee1ea5964feac06c9b5c9f67f8b710d27779761b07838.png

    We want to be able to unlink the bug from one test case run and link to another.

  • https://www.targetprocess.com/ Natalia

    Hi Carolyn,
    Thank you for reporting the issue, this is a bug introduced in the latest version. Our developers are working on the fix right now. Sorry for the inconveniences!

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