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Release Capacity: set up total calculation

In this article we describe how to set up Capacity custom field to Releases/Program Increments. When the field is configured, it is possible to input capacity per each release manually or calculate it automatically as total capacity of inner team iterations.

Manual input

Capacity in points can be set to each Release manually. Use detailed views or list views for this purpose.

Automatic calculation

When Release consists of several Team Iterations, it is possible to calculate its capacity automatically as total capacity of inner iterations. Custom Formula Metric should be configured for this purpose.

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This capability requires `ReleaseForTeamIteration` feature to be enabled. If there are no links between Releases and Team Iterations in your system please ask our Support Team to activate the feature.

All the configurations described below should be performed by Targetprocess Administrator.

  • Create Capacity custom field for Releases

    Add "Capacity" custom field of Number type to Release entity.

    Navigate Settings → Custom fields → Add:

    Make the field System when you activate automatic calculation as described above.

  • Set up total Capacity calculation

    Add Metric to Release Custom field "Capacity". Navigate Settings → Metrics → Add → Custom Formula. This metric will set the the sum of all Team Iterations capacities to the Release Capacity custom field.

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